Simon Doonan Does Sushi & Brittle

It’s time we all asked ourselves ‘what’s in Simon Doonan’s lunchbox?” We love asking people what would be in their present day brown bag lunches, and Simon’s was especially exciting since we like to imagine him swinging it by his side as he walks into Barneys each day. Turns out the Barneys New York Creative Ambassador is a fan of both sushi and nutty brittle…a killer combo of course.


“My ideal “Brown Bag Lunch” would consist of the following: I am a brown rice lesbian at heart, so it would have to be healthy. Six pieces of macro-sushi from Angelica Kitchen in the East Village, and a bag of their nutty brittle for desert. To drink? I keep a bag of Kukicha twig tea-bags in my desk. Voila!” – Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador for Barneys New York and author of The Asylum



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*Photographed by Alli Shepherd