Get Ready For The Grammys

This Sunday marks one of our favorite nights of the year: the Grammy Awards. The Grammys is the award show for those of us who like when things get a little bit crazy; they’re not as wild as the VMA’s (and that’s okay, we prefer our girl TSwift to be able to hold onto her mic sans Kanye), but you can still get moments like Lady Gaga crawling out of an egg, or a peek at J Lo’s “globes” as Jeremy Renner likes to call them.

This time around, we caught up with Samantha Marquart, the operating manager of Windmark Recording Studio – spots where grammy-nominated artists like Coldplay, J.Cole and Travis Scott have all recorded. Marquart filled us in on what she’d be doing on the big night, and created a Spotify playlist of her personal favorite nominees this year.

On the night… Working in the music industry, the Grammys are an exciting time to celebrate the hard work and cultural achievement of our peers and influencers, so it’s important to have fun! Really, it’s all about the music and how it makes you feel, so celebrating the awards with the people you’ve experienced this past years’ music with is a tradition I like to keep. Each year, my girlfriends and I throw a viewing party where everyone brings something. I absolutely love cheese, so a good cheese plate is always a necessity at any gathering. I like a plate with lots of variety, so I put on everything from baked brie to aged manchego, and include grapes, marcona almonds, and some honey for an extra touch. It’s nothing fancy, just finger food, good wine and fun!

On the playlist… The Grammys bring together so many styles and genres of music, and I wanted my playlist to reflect that while keeping a consistent tone throughout. The artists I featured, from established icons like Beyonce and Coldplay, to exciting up-and-comers like Little Dragon and Sam Smith, have each resonated strongly with me this past year. I also snuck in some of my favorite songs and artists from 2014 that were not nominated, but won me over! I hope you enjoy listening!