Lunch With…

It all started on Halloween 2010, when a man named Lance Bass (who was sporting an astronaut costume) met a man named Michael Turchin (who was sporting an 80’s glam rockstar costume). It may have been the costumes, it may have been the effects of a candy-filled holiday, but nothing would happen that night; it would happen later in 2011 at a friend’s birthday party. The two met again, hit it off and became best friends, realized they liked each other, and the rest is history. What a Throwback Thursday, because let’s face it we all were obsessed with ‘N Sync, and we’re all now obsessed with Hollywood’s newlyweds, whose wedding is airing tonight on E! We visited the two in Los Angeles for PB & banana with bacon (which they made on an awesome panini grill they got as a wedding present). It was tearing up our hearts to leave, but now you get to peruse our day with this adorable couple…

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*Lance Bass and Michael Turchin, photographed at their home in Los Angeles, CA by Danielle Kosann