12 Reasons To Love Paris

We love a certain man; he’s exciting, ambitious and always surprises us. But then there’s someone else; someone that’s extraordinarily romantic, beautiful and has a certain joie de vivre.  Have you figured it out yet? We’re describing our love triangle with New York and Paris (three guesses which man is which). There’s not a better time than the present to pay a tribute to all the things we love about The City of Lights. While NYC is our hometown, we can’t pretend our hearts don’t belong to Paris. It’s a strange international affair, full of drama and intrigue but mainly croissants. For no reason in particular, here are twelve reasons to fall in love with Paris…

1. No matter how bored and stunted you feel when you wake up with your wardrobe, there will always be a French girl that inspires you to think outside the box.

2. Red wine with lunch is always acceptable.

3. Speaking of wine…how often do you go to dinner with a friend and not want to commit to a bottle, but want a bit more than just one glass?  Carafes! Can every spot in the US start making these mandatory?

4. Pain Au Chocolat…that’s all we have to say on that matter.

5. We hate to be cliché, but it’s even more beautiful in the rain.

6. Restaurants let you sit for hours and hours on end, even if you’ve only ordered one drink.

7. While in the U.S., waiters can sometimes get on your nerves, for some reason in Paris, you just want their approval.

8. It may be the best people-watching city there is. Because let’s face it, you’re watching people that always seem effortlessly cooler than you.

9. Crossing town means crossing some of the world’s most beautiful bridges on foot.

10. After central Paris’ only skyscraper – Montparnasse – was built, the city passed laws that banned buildings over seven stories high.

11. There’s a free light show every night.

12. It makes sense to fall in love there, for no particular reason at all.

– Laura Kosann