How To Use A Tea Strainer

Whether you actually love tea, or just have a random hankering to delicately make it this time of year (we understand, we watch Downton Abbey too), you’ve gotta go with a tea strainer. Come on, would Elizabeth Bennet have used tea bags? If you’re new to the concept, you’ll soon find out it’s pretty much the easiest process to master (once you buy a tea strainer and loose leaf tea of course).. We thought we’d illustrate it in four easy steps, because believe it or not, there was a time us potato heads had to read a quick tutorial on this too…and our photos are so much more awesome.

YOU’LL NEED: A tea cup (because it’s so much more appealing than a mug), loose leaf tea, and a tea strainer.


STEP 1: Take 1 tablespoon of the loose leaf tea and put it into your tea strainer. Put the tea strainer over the cup.


STEP 2: Pour boiling water over the tea strainer.


STEP 3: Let brew for 5-10 minutes, depending on how strong you like it. (stronger is longer, hey that rhymes!)


STEP 4: Drink up, and try it with a scone or these apricot muffins.


*Photographed by Alli Shepherd