10 Foods That Will Make You Smarter

Scroll through above for ten foods that make you smarter

All we hear about are health foods that make your skin glow, foods for a flat tummy…the list goes on. Now we’re not saying we’re not fans of those lists, they can actually be quite healthy and useful, but (to take a break from superficial things, like we did today with our interview with Dateline’s Keith Morrison), we’d like to address the foods that make you smarter. Yes…they do exist, there are food that are good for your brain, and then some.

And let’s face it, we’re all feeling pretty academic come fall, it’s a side effect of that ‘back to school feeling.’ Did you know spinach is loaded with B vitamins that are a great brain booster? Or that pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc therefore good for the brain? The list goes on, so peruse it above and get all Mark Zuckerberg up in here.

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