10 New Hairstyles To Pump Up Winter

It’s winter and post-holiday, and that means you’re probably feeling just…bored. You want to make some sort of change, whether it’s an irresponsible one or not, but you don’t know what. At least, we do. We called on our favorite hair stylist Chris Lospalluto – from Sally Hershberger at uptown NYC – to identify 10 hairstyles on tastemakers on The New Potato that we should all try for winter. Lospalluto continuously manages to push us potato heads out of our comfort zones, so we asked him to weigh in and push you to as well! He gives tips on how your stylist can achieve each look, and why wouldn’t you try it? Face it, we’ve all wanted to test out Karlie Kloss’ bob…


For Alicia Silverstone’s look, tell your stylist to begin your front face framing layers about 2 inches below your chin. Continue to angle layering down from there. Add some long layers throughout and texturize the ends to give a piece-y, lived in look and feel. Use a large barrel iron or wand (one to two inches), grab uneven pieces and wrap them around the iron for a few seconds until ends are wavy. Run fingers through to break up and add a texturizing spray, wax, or dry oil to give that day after the beach look.


For Anne Fulenwider’s look, ask your stylist to cut a bob where the front falls about 2 inches below the front jawline and tapers slightly towards the back. Undercut a few layers in the back and texturize the ends of the hair on the sides and front, still keeping it blunt throughout. To achieve the slight “krinkle,” use a flatiron or a 1 inch curling iron or wand, wrapping and holding random pieces for a second or two then immediately running your fingers through. Add some texturizing paste or spray. This look looks great with a deep side part or center part.


I love Camilla Belle’s look. Tell your stylist to do a blunt cut just below the collarbone, with slight layering on the bottom. To keep waves from falling apart, add some volumizing mousse when wet, then rough dry without a brush. Use a large barrel iron/wand or flatiron to create the retro wave. A deep side part makes this look chic, retro and current, all at the same time.


Danielle Campbell’s look is similar to Alicia’s. Add a lot of face framing layers and long layers throughout. Use a volumizer or volumizing mousse when wet and rough dry with your head upside down without a brush until hair is about eighty percent dry. Then, take large sections using a large round natural bristle brush giving the ends a slight uneven bend. When finished, use a shine serum or dry oil and run lightly throughout ends to create some piece-yness and extra shine.


Who doesn’t love Karlie Kloss? Ask you stylist to cut a chin length blunt bob straight across, and add a full bang that stops just past the outer corner of the eye. The length of the bang should hit just above or at the top lash. Think Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface (all-time favorite). To achieve a natural krinkle, scrunch some volumizing mousse throughout the ends when wet and let air dry or use a diffuser. Use a flat or paddle brush (Mason Pearson) to blowout the bangs so they are smooth but not puffy ( don’t use round brush).


Preetma Singh’s look is a long bob, with a deep side part (cue the “lob”, which is a great hair cut when transitioning from Karlie to Camilla) colored ombre. Bleach out the ends and add your color of choice. I like the green – I liked what Kylie Jenner had when she did it too. To maintain, regular visits to your colorist are key. Be sure to have them gloss and keep the tone exactly right, as most colors unnatural to humans do fade rapidly. Plus, regular glossing keeps the silk-y-ness and shine every girl loves in their hair.

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Michelle Williams in last years Louis Vuitton ads, and Robin Wright Penn do this best, and so does Karine Vanasse. Ask your stylist for an asymetrical cropped short cut (think grown out pixie), keeping the top and front fringe/bang especially long. The key to this is all styling. It looks amazing when one side is tucked behind the ear and the front/top is blown from the crown forward. Use some texturizing wax or pomade to create some definition and separation.


I think what makes Rachelle Lefevre’s look especially beautiful is her hair color. The long layered wavy hair with heavy side sept bang looks effortless and can be easily achieved by asking your stylist to cut long uneven layers throughout and slicing heavy side swept bang that starts just at the cheekbone and continue downward. To get this color, it’s best have a seasoned colorist do it, as it’s the most difficult to maintain and fades quickly if you aren’t a natural redhead. Strawberry blondes will have it easiest. Bring a lot of pictures of Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain to visually demonstrate exactly these shades of red. Color protecting shampoo is your new best friend and frequent glossing and toning is a must.


French girl chic – my all-time favorite. For Rebecca Dayan’s look, ask a stylist – like me, who is a master at this! – to cut the length a few inches below the breast bone. Light piece-y fringe can be achieved by cutting a long bang that’s not too thick and is longer on the corners then the center. And don’t worry if it splits when dry, thats what makes it look light and effortless.

reece-hudson-2015 tracy-anderson-2015


Reece Solomon and Tracy Anderson essentially have the same haircuts but are two different examples of how to style it. I would give the same directions as Camilla Belle’s when getting the cut. When styling, use volumizing mousse and diffuse into a more structured wave. It can still be brushed out gently to soften. Tuck one side behind your ear, or in Tracy’s case, use a few bobby pins to tuck and pin both sides back creating volume in the back and behind the ears and top. The sides will be tighter and sleeker. A brushable hairspray that holds well will work perfectly. I like Living Proof Flex Hairspray.