Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg

Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg is in love with American classics. One of those classics could mean his brick and mortar store in Soho, which opened in September, and is a place we’ve become quite familiar with (it also has a Momofuku Milk Bar attached). With our wallets worse for wear, but our wardrobes improved, we’ve continuously fallen in love with everything this designer creates – and that includes his ever-popular concept of girls in boys clothing. Plus, when we asked him for similarities between food and fashion, he said “it’s weird to eat naked.” Could he be cooler? Or more accurate? Read the interview to find out…

band of outsiders designer

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?  

Three hard boiled eggs (two no yoke) and a sesame seed bagel with butter for breakfast, some sort of salad with chicken for lunch, grilled salmon and greens for dinner, and several shortbread oriented sugar bombs for dessert.

How do you always start your day on a good note?

I walk my dog, who is the cutest and sweetest friggin’ creature on earth.

Where do you love to travel, and what won’t you travel without?

Los Angeles is great for driving vacations, and my favorites are Montecito, Big Sur, and Palm Springs. It’s more about what I won’t travel with – I try to keep my needs and outfit changes to a minimum for these types of trips.

You love American classics; what are some old movies you love whose characters constantly wear those classics?

Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor and Woody Allen in Stardust Memories on the menswear front. For women, it’s more French than American influence in terms of film icons – like Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin in La Piscine, or Anna Karina in most everything she did.

How has American style changed?

At its core, American style hasn’t changed so much at all – it’s rooted in sportswear, whether that takes more of a sartorial or sporty bent. American fashion, on the other hand, has become super diverse with so many different voices and aesthetics.

What was your approach to opening your new store? What did you want people to walk into?

I wanted to create a super fresh, clean environment that didn’t draw upon retail cliches but created sort of a blank slate for the collections and other projects we plan to display and launch in the shop.

What do you think about e-commerce versus brick and mortar? Why will people always want to shop offline?

E-commerce is really efficient for re-stocking what you already know you like, and a great way to shop by comparison and get a clear, broad picture of what’s out there. A brick and mortar retail environment is an experiential deep dive into a brand’s DNA.

We recently interviewed Donna Karan, who said fabric is most important to her. Do you find the same to be the case when designing?

Context is most important to me – a focus for the season, a story, a mood – and then fabric.

If Band of Outsiders is a lifestyle, what would you say that lifestyle is?

Easy breezy.

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