Downton Abbey Makes Our Mugs Look Awful

For those of us who watch Downton Abbey, there’s no doubt this hit from Masterpiece Classic has taught us a lot over the years. We’ve learned about the life of aristocrats in the post-edwardian era; we’ve learned about the effects on estate families back then from real-life events like the sinking of the Titanic, Spanish influenza, the first World War and the formation of the Irish free state (to name only a few). And of course, we could never forget the most important lesson we’ve learned from this show: Every Monday morning after the show airs, our cups and saucers look like shit. Let us rephrase: We have no saucers, and our ‘cups’ are clunky mugs.

If you watch the show or have even see a clip or photo of this family in their sitting room having tea, you may have felt this before. In a flash, your go-to morning coffee mug that’s slightly stained but nostalgic for you because it’s yo mug, no longer seems sufficient. Suddenly you want a miniature plate for your mug…and you’ve also learned from Lady Mary that size isn’t everything. What we mean is, you used to love your mug quite large and bulky so as to hold more caffeine, but now you want a more delicate one…one you can hold with just your thumb and pointer finger.

That’s where we come in. We figured we’d put together some present day cup and saucer options for you to shop from if you’re having the same British teatime hankering we have this morning. Come on, you made a promise to yourself to be the best you, you can be in the new year…so start by getting some real cups and saucers dude.

– Laura Kosann

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