The Womance Beats The Bromance

In light of the fact that this Sunday’s Golden Globes is being hosted by two of our favorite she-bonders, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, followed promptly by the premiere of our favorite she-bonding show Girls, we wanted to take a little time to celebrate female friendship. Because really, if there’s one thing better than the bromance, it’s the womance. 

You’re a girl and you go to brunch with your best friend on a Sunday with a big group of females, and a new acquaintance on your left (perhaps your college friend’s friend in from out of town) asks you, “So what’s your type when it comes to guys?” You sip your Bloody Mary and launch into your usual speech;  “He’d be able to talk to me about anything, he’d be a good listener, he’d have my exact sense of humor, he wouldn’t mind going shopping but he’d also have to be down to earth, he’d be into food and want to try out new restaurants with me, he’d be curious about art…” Then, suddenly, right in the middle, right as you’re about to get to your favorite part – the grand finale where you say something like “and some weekends he’d just be happy to sit on the couch and watch a Downton Abbey marathon” – you stop. The violins begin to play in your head and you look to your right at your best friend next to you, whose seat you no doubt saved when she was 10 late (even though you’re too old for that shit), and realize…my best friend is my ideal man.

If you’re a girl, and you have a best friend, you’ve been through this in your head before. You may have even said it outloud to each other over a rose-filled dinner in summertime, tipsily exclaiming “I just want the male version of you! Is that too much to ask?! Is something wrong with me?” There’s nothing wrong with you lady…you’ve got a BFF.

Growing up, we always loved movies like Now and Then or Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, and when the girls in them fought our tears were no less genuine than the ones we shed in the last scenes of The Notebook. Because the only thing that could shatter our earths as much as hearing something like “Jay Z and Beyonce broke up,” would be “Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren’t best friends anymore,” or “Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston decided to call it quits…forever.”

So in light of an upcoming weekend that’s got womance written all over it, we thought we’d ask you to take a moment, look at your BFF (who you may – lets face it – have plans to ‘spoon’ or ‘snuggle’ with tonight post-bar), and say “I love you, girl.” Because we all know, it’s even cooler than ‘I love you, man.”

– Laura Kosann