How To Work Out More in 2015

Last and certainly not least is the age old resolution to work out more. The question is, how do you actually achieve, that rather than just walking around in your lululemons? Ballet Beautiful’s Mary Helen Bowers, who kicked our butts in this video just a few months back, weighs in…


1. Enjoy the process! Working out should be joyful and fun. If you think of exercise as punishment, it will be a struggle to get through.

2. Start small and build. 15 minutes a day isn’t optimal but it’s a great start! Start where you are today and build up to a minimum of 3 hours every week.

3. Make it your lifestyle. Success is all about consistency. If exercise becomes part of your daily life, you are guaranteed to make it happen!

4. Accessorize! Don’t underestimate how great a gorgeous leotard or pretty pair of ballet shoes can make you feel. Ballet Beautiful has a beautiful line of activewear and shoes to accessorize your outfit.

5. Think Positive. Keeping a positive mindset will keep you on track even when you hit a few bumps along the way. You can make exercise a happy, healthy part of living in 2015!