Victoria Beckham Will Never Go Posh Again

You’ve seen it before: Anna Wintour answered 73 questions for Vogue and us potato heads were driven into a downward spinning spiral of questioning all the choices we make. Now Victoria Beckham had to go and do the same thing, and on this very cold Thursday we’re finding ourselves even colder after having 10 spine-shivering realizations….brought about by posh herself…

1. Victoria has a bulldog named Coco Chanel that lives in one of her homes; the one in LA. 1/2 of TNP has a dog named Scout that lives in her one home in New York’s financial district. Who would you rather be for a day? It’s a tough call.

2. Victoria wears her Lanvin pajamas when she wants to relax. We realized there’s a portion of our wardrobe we’ve been neglecting.

3. When asked, “if you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Victoria answered “knickers.” It’s unfair Americans can’t say knickers.

4. Interviewer: “What’s your definition of misery?” Victoria: “Kathy Bates.” Did anyone else think Victoria Beckham just didn’t like Kathy Bates before googling it?

5. Victoria’s daily ritual is getting up at 6am and working out. Like Anna’s aversion to alcohol, we’ll come back to this one…

6. Victoria said a movie on her life would be called The Hunger Games. If we’re going with this theme ours would be called The Far Too Well Fed Games.

7. When asked what superpower she’d want, Victoria said sleeping and working out at the same time. We were under the impression that if you suddenly have a superpower, you suddenly become fit, no workouts required. Or was the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movie a lie?

8. When asked why she never smiles, Victoria says she has a responsibility to the fashion industry not to do so. When we don’t smile, it’s because we have bitchy resting face. Can we switch to Victoria’s logic?

9. Victoria’s first response to “if you ran the world” was “If?! Why not when?” We will never be able to pull that statement off.

10. When asked “What’s one vice you wish you would give up?” Victoria said “I don’t have a vice.” I mean…we’ll just end on that, we’ve had enough.

– Laura Kosann