How To Eat Better In 2015

It’s not every day you get tips from the adorable Christina Tosi on how to be healthier. We could have gotten a guide to the popular New Year’s resolution to ‘eat better’ from a slew of nutritionists (who we also love), but instead we wanted to give you a realistic, not-scary approach to this resolution in the New Year. Besides, don’t you want to know how Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi stays fit while also eating sweets every day? We do…

christina tosi momofuku milk bar

1. Everything in moderation! I know, I know. This coming from a girl that peddles baked goods from morning to midnight. But seriously, anything done right takes time (do it right or do it twice, is our kitchen mantra). If you want to eat better, START! Make the eating decisions you know are realistic for you. There’s no way I’m going a day without eating a cookie, but I don’t have to eat one three times a day. I crush my single compost cookie each morning with a strong cup of coffee and I’m off. When I want another, I just tell myself “Girl, you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow morning.” It also makes me POP! out of bed the second the alarm goes off in the morning.

2. Exercise! Whether it’s doing jumping jacks behind your desk, push ups when you get out of bed, or bundling up and going for a run in the great outdoors (that’s what I do). Exercising always puts you in a mood to take better care of yourself, and it always translates to making healthier decisions when it comes to food.

3. Get some green juice! I know, can you believe I just said that! YUCK! Spoiler alert: Green juice can actually be tasty! At the very least, it will make you feel like you have super powers for the day. When I’m feeling particularly void of vitamins and minerals, I grab a green juice and gulp it down. (It’s a lot easier to do than find a way to sneak more vegetables into your daily diet.)

4. Buy an awesome cookbook! Eating healthier should come with a sense of adventure (not sacrifice). Find a healthy cookbook (there are a slew of amazing ones out there) that appeals to your tastebuds, and bring it home. Clean the bad stuff out of your cupboards, hit the grocery and restock with your favorite nuts, spices, herbs and pantry items from your new cookbook. Make each meal an exciting new escapade. It will challenge and change your comfort zone at meal time and give you a ton of new recipes to keep up your sleeve!

5. Find the healthy stuff you love! When I’m trying to cut out my slice-of-crack-pie-at-bedtime habit that rears its ugly head this time of year (unreal, right?!), I search for the freshy-fresh I love just as much as a dense, fudgy slice of heaven. I love an amazing orange or handful of tangerines. They’re tasty and fun to peel and eat! I put them in the same exact spot (side table, tv room) as my gooey, buttery delight, and boom! I’m cured. Clean conscience, clear bill of health!

*Header photos by Irving Penn