How To Have Better Skin In 2015

How often do we say we’re going to treat our skin better in the new year? Whether it’s starting to use eye cream, keeping yourself better moisturized, or clairsonic-ing till you have less dead skin cells than Taylor Swift has Spotify songs, you’ve probably made some version of a beauty resolution at some point in your lifetime.

We’re always asking ourselves: how do we get that intangible-yet-tangible glow? We talked about it in 2014, 2013, hell every year. Today, we’re giving you tips to achieve it. Actually, Bobbi Brown is giving you tips (just like the time she gave us tips!). Let’s face it, you’d much rather get treatment tips from her anyway…

Glowing in 2014

Hydrate on the inside, often. Drink warm water with lemon, or my new favorite, cranberry extract. (I also now order herbal tea next to sipping my tequila at dinner.)


Lubricate. Eat good fats, like avocado, coconut oil, and raw butter, all of which are internal moisturizers.


Exfoliate. Use gentle scrubs, a loofah or exfoliating clothing daily, on face and body.

Brush        FRESH

Moisturize. Layer multiple formulas, like hydrating, rich balms topped with face oils.


Hydrate on the outside. Use tinted moisturizers or tinted balms on face, pot rouge on cheeks, and lip balms.

BB      LIP