10 Foods That Make You Glow

With the warm season coming in, we decided to do a roundup of ‘beauty from the inside out’ tidbits. In other words, foods that make you glow! We’ve got tons of recommendations from our tastemakers on yummy sweet and savory ingredients that are great for the skin. Here are ten we’re loving right now..

1. Avocados – The miracle fruit (though we tend to think of it as a vegetable) populates the plates of some of our favorite tastemakers. Linda Rodin eats them everyday in her salad, Laura Benanti puts them on gluten free toast, Jean Godfrey-June and Diane von Furstenberg love them with everything, and Marta Milan’s fridge is always filled with them!  Check out our essential avocado toast

2. Coconut – It’s a mainstay for us at TNP, as well as Actress Piper Perabo, who puts coconut nectar in her smoothie, and DJ Hannah Bronfman who loves it in every form – from water to oil to butter to raw to pasteurized.

3. Fish Oil – According to Lucky’s beauty guru Jean Godfrey-June, this ingredient makes a big difference if you’ve got dry skin.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar – Both Jane Pratt and Jessica Seinfeld tell us they have ACV on a regular basis, while restaurant designer Zach Lynd always puts a shot of the stuff in his smoothies. TNP does a tablespoon every morning!

5. Green Tea – Both Michelle Phan and designer Misha Nonoo have green tea every day, while Lucky’s EIC Eva Chen admits to drinking vats of it. We like it on ice with soy milk…is that cheating?

6. Turmeric W’s beauty director Jane Larkworthy got the turmeric root recommendation from Palm Beach facialist Tammy Fender, while YouTube star Justine Ezarik cooks with it because her Mom tells her it’s good for her (and you’ve gotta do what Mom says).

7. Kale – The hot new veggie graces the juices of Elettra Wiedemann and Chelsea Leyland, and makes up Misha Nonoo’s salads.  We personally love the kale combos at Sweetgreen.

8. Carrot – Both Jane Larkworthy and blogger Rumi Neely love carrot in a juice (carrot, orange and ginger juice to be exact). We love the Hijiki carrot salad at The East Pole..it’s seriously a revelation.

9. Lemon – Lemon populates DJ Chelsea Leyland’s perfect juice (kale, celery, cucumber, broccoli, lemon, and Swiss chard) and designer Rebecca Taylor is convinced lemon makes everything better.

10. Cacao – Piper Perabo puts cacao nibs in her smoothie while Tracy Anderson snacks only on Green & Black Chocolate Toffee bars. Even Karlie Kloss‘ afternoon snack is always something with dark chocolate or cacao. The Almond butter cup from Juice Press anyone?