Top Ten Recipes Of 2014

On this week of top tens for 2014, we couldn’t help but check in on what TNP recipes were most popular with our readers. It’s nostalgic to think about, but we really did eat and drink our way through 2014. Want to know what the potato-head favorites were? Here are the top ones…


1. Birthday Cake Truffles – Momofuku Milk Bar is sort of like the modern day Willy Wonka chocolate factory (Christina Tosi being Willy Wonka). Whatever she makes, we love, including these to-die-for birthday truffles.

pesta pasta recipe

2. Lemon Chickpea Pasta – This favorite from blogger Kim Hasselbrink is a perfect light, go-to weeknight recipe.

fried noodle recipe

3. Fat Fried Noodles – When we hung out with Alicia Silverstone, she showed us that being vegan is easier than you think, most notably with this fat fried noodle recipe. It’s hard not eating meat? As if.

best grilled cheese sandwich

4. Blueberry Grilled Cheese – We spent some time at Whitney Port’s house to make this delicious blueberry grilled cheese. It’ll be your perfect combination of sweet and savory.


5. Tuna Salad – Our girl Jennifer Fisher gave us a quintessential lunch go-to for weekdays. It’s almost as delicious as her jewelry.


6. Almond Milk Hot Chocolate – Who knew the beautiful Karlie Kloss loved hot chocolate? This is her way of making it…sans guilt.


7. Almond Smoothie – We all love smoothies, and here at TNP we think when it comes to smoothies, the simpler the better. This is the quintessential almond smoothie to add to your morning routine.

healthy turkey meatballs

8. “Spaghetti” and Meatballs – We want you to have your cake and eat it too, which is why we came up with the healthier version of spaghetti and meatballs. We promise you’ll still love it, if you haven’t already tried it!

healthy caesar salad

9. Kale Caesar Salad – Love caesar salad? We gave you the kale version, because everyone seems to think kale’s the new potato. Enjoy.

easy to make lobster roll

10. Lobster Roll – It’s not summer yet, but when it is, we want you to remember how to make the very best lobster roll.