The Top Ten Stories Of 2014

chrissy teigen wedding

2014 has come and gone. We laughed, we cried, and it really was better than cats. Whether it was Danielle moving to BrooklynBobbi Brown forcing us to eat chia seeds by the metric ton, or not being able to avert our eyes from Pedro Pascal at The Smith, there’s no doubting it’s been a very good year. And that’s thanks to all you potato-heads; without you we’d be nothing…nothing but sorry old starches. We love you and wish you a happy new year, and figured what better way to celebrate than re-living your top ten stories of 2014? (We’ll be running one of the top five each day until January 1st!) We can’t think of one…besides perhaps standing under the mistletoe with Pedro…but let’s face it, that’s not happening.

keeping up with the kardashians


Do you remember when we photographed Kris Jenner at Nobu Malibu? We showed a side of this famous matriarch many hadn’t seen, including tidbits on Kardashian family vacations, traditions and recipes.



Jacques Pépin is no doubt a food legend, and worked among the likes of culinary favorites like Julia Child. We were honored to sit down with him for this long form interview on everything culinary…



People loved when we identified what to put in your body to make your skin glow. This one will delight and surprise you.


pedro obserynPEDRO

If you watched Game of Thrones this season, chances are you fell in love with Oberyn (also known as the very handsome Pedro Pascal). We chatted with him on all things food, and made sure his head was still in tact.


Hopefully you caught our video that explored the ultimate battle of our time (here on the east coast), Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. Shit is about to go down when one of the potato-heads move there…



It’s not every day you get to get tricks of the trade from fitness guru to the stars, Tracy Anderson. We hung on every word, as did our audience.

mtv catfish


We scored tips on all things digital dating from the creator of MTV’s Catfish. You remember the movie: Boy meets girl online, boys goes looking for girl, girl ends up to be super scary…

chrissy teigen sports illustrated


Chrissy Teigen is no ordinary model. She eats Jimmy Dean sausage and had a cocktail with us when we photographed her. Yet, she’s still possibly one of the most gorgeous women we’ve shot…and the coolest. This one’s worth a first, or second, or third read-through.



It’s special to get a maitre d’s honest take on what goes on behind the scenes of the New York restaurant. Brett David (former butler to Anna Wintour) did just that, and got a rave response.


We had fun exploring beauty from the inside out with some of our favorite tastemakers. Bobbi Brown, W Magazine’s Jane Larkworthy and Ballet Beautiful’s Mary Helen Bowers kick our butts, showing and telling us what to eat and do to achieve that infamous ‘glow.’