Lisa Perry Keeps Candy Everywhere

We’ve always loved designer Lisa Perry’s penchant for sixties and seventies style, and when it’s this cold out, a girl needs bold colors and fun geometry when it comes to her wardrobe. We sat down with Perry to see what she’s coveting right now, what her dream dinner party is comprised of and why she always has candy everywhere. Woman crush Wednesday? We think so…

fashion designer

What would be your ideal food day?

Apple pancakes from Walker Brothers Pancake House in Chicago. A JG Melon hamburger and cottage fries, followed by a black and white milkshake and buffalo wings. Then a Caeser Salad, chopped, from Freds at Barneys. For dinner, rare steak and French fries followed by fresh peaches with vanilla ice cream, chocolate birthday cake with buttercream frosting, and a Lady M Chocolate éclair for a midnight snack.

What are your must-have accessories for holiday entertaining? 

Lisa Perry gold and silver holiday placemats, and vintage ENJOY candy dishes. I always have candy everywhere!

What’s always in your bag?

Hue lipstick by MAC, sunglasses, a date book – yes, I still hand write my appointments – and a snack!

What are your design inspirations?

Sixties vintage couture fashion, sixties pop art, minimalism, color field paintings, photography, architecture, and mid-century furniture and accessories.

A go-to recipe in three easy steps…

Lisa’s salad:

1. Buy mesclun lettuce, chopped red and white cabbage, baby tomatoes, hearts of palm, and corn.

2. Add chopped turkey or chicken

3. Dress with mustard vinaigrette or dressing of choice and eat!

Where do you love to travel and what won’t you travel without? 

I love to travel to the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Tucson, Los Angeles, France and Italy. I won’t travel without my Lisa Perry travel set which includes cashmere blanket and socks.

What do you always put out when hosting a dinner party? What do you always bring to one as a guest?

We put out crudités, freshly made guacamole and chips, homemade mini pizzas, pigs in a blanket, and mini cheeseburgers. I always bring Lisa Perry placemats as house gifts.

Advice to women getting up, looking in the mirror and getting dressed in the morning…

Less is more!

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