5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Puffiness

It’s no secret that the holiday season can also tend towards the season of puffiness: puffy eyes, puffy faces – we’ve all been there. The influx of red wine, turkey and carbs can make us feel less healthy than usual, which is why we called upon our experts for some tips on how to reduce that post-thanksgiving swell. Here’s our roundup of five tips from five of our favorite people in the world of health and beauty…

Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director, Lucky:

The ultimate eye-puffiness/wrinkle/general eye unpleasantness cure is something called The Opal by Clarisonic. You can use it with their eye cream, or with your own concoction. My all time favorite is Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum, which is actually an oil, and works beautifully. The Opal obliterates the puffiness with sonic waves; it feels amazing, and you’ll really notice a difference. BONUS: If you are suffering from any sort of sinus/cold/allergy issue, the Opal feels even more amazing, and I believe helps clear things up.

Spend the three days post-Thanksgiving doing as many yoga (or whatever workout you prefer) classes as you can jam in. If you do the workout, the diet will follow, at least to some degree. Do all your Black Friday shopping online, in between workouts and vegetable-steaming sessions. (I forgot to mention: freeze all Thanksgiving leftovers.) Take 1,000 baths as a reward. Rituals Eucalyptus bath oil is truly the greatest, calming, clean scent, and it leaves your skin soft and ultra-moisturized.

Streamlined and healthy: That’s my plan! Let’s see if I live up to it!

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director, W:

I love de-puffing eye masks. Kerstin Florian’s are soothing, Klorane’s cornflower pads also work great. Talika Eye Therapy Patch comes in an adorable case that’s re-usable (I know!). If nothing’s around,  I’ll take a cold washcloth and lie down with it over my eyes for a few minutes in the morning.

Drinking water with lemon at bedtime seems to cure everything, including morning-after puffiness.

I’m also a big believer in morning hikes in the brisk cold. Not sure if it helps with puffiness, but it certainly puts color in your cheeks and invigorates you!

Bobbi Brown, Founder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:

1. Use a cold wash cloth and gently press on eyes for about 3-5 minutes.

2. Hydrate with an eye cream.

3. Layer an eye balm on top, a thicker cream like Extra Eye Repair.

4. Line your eyes on top and apply mascara.

5. Choose a matte nude shade of eye shadow, nothing shimmery or metallic.

6. Divert attention away from your eyes: Apply a bright or deep lip color to draw attention to your smile!

Jamie Rosen, Beauty Director, Town & Country:

This idea is old as dirt, but putting tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes does work, along with drinking tons of water to flush out the excess sodium. Eye serums and creams with a metal rollerball (like this one from Clinique) can help a little bit, too.

Hannah Bronfman, HBFit 

Drink a ton of water on Thursday and Friday so that when you do you eat, it’ll help flush everything out. Also try to work out on Thursday so that you deserve all the turkey you can eat for your muscles. On Friday, take a bath with Epsom salt. It’ll help with the puffiness and take out the excess water weight.