An Afternoon With The Rockettes

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so we thought we’d feature one of its most popular New York traditions this week – The Rockettes – to celebrate. These girls have no doubt kicked their way into our hearts, and we’re pretty sure you’ve wondered what they’re eating, making, and doing to stay healthy at some point in your potato-head lifetimes. That’s why we sat down with four of them – Karilyn Suratt, Sarah Grooms, Logan Reginato and Eleni Gavalas – for answers to what makes those kicks go up and down…

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On her ideal food day…

I would wake up and have Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Pebbles. Probably Cocoa Pebbles with chocolate almond milk. I’d probably still keep my protein shake, just because I really like it. For lunch, I’d probably have cheese pizza – and a lot of it. Maybe a little extra sauce on the side to dip in. For dinner, probably more pizza. The security guys around here call me pizza girl, because I always have pizza. That would be ideal, if I could eat like that all the time. And I can, during Rockette season, because we do 100 shows a season, so you do need to have a super carb load that you can pull from. I’d also have Rocky Road – you get a little dairy, some protein, and some nuts…

On beauty from the inside out…

I am a water drinking nut. You just have to drink water; I wake up in the morning and I drink water. I drink water before I go to bed. I drink it all day long. Hydration is so important. My Mom is a doctor, so as a kid I’d be like, ‘Mom can we have Kool Aid?’ And she’d put in a little bit of Kool Aid – just a taste – and a lot of water. For a healthy diet, you have to find out what works for you. I used to be skinny with no muscles, but then I started eating more protein and was able to strengthen what I have.

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On her ideal food day and beauty from the inside out…

I could probably have peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So for breakfast, I would probably have peanut butter on toast, and a banana. My snack would be an apple with peanut butter. For lunch, usually I’ll do a smoothie or a green juice with a salad. And then my favorite dinner is pasta with fish.

I’m a big sleeper. It’s really important that you get eight plus hours of sleep and drink lots of water. I drink a lot of water – and coffee!

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On her ideal food day and beauty from the inside out…

The Christmas Spectacular is incredibly difficult for us Rockettes, but so rewarding. We do up to 300 kicks per show, sometimes up to five shows per day. Everything that goes into my body needs to help me out for this very athletic show. I’m a huge fan of a BIG breakfast. I love eggs for protein, toast, and fruit; thats my go-to meal. Then, I could eat pasta for every single meal after that. I come from a huge Italian family, so lots of pasta. That gives me tons of energy to get through the day as well.

I’m a big fan of smoothies and protein shakes. I love acai [in smoothies] right now; that’s my go-to. I put chia seeds and flax in there as well. It’s literally dessert to me.

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On her ideal food day…

I’m a vegetarian so it’s really important for me to get a lot of protein in. I wake up and I have cheesy eggs for breakfast, everyday, and a multi-grain english muffin with peanut butter. I love a pizza for lunch – it’s great for in between shows. And then a pasta with cream sauce for dinner. It’s the one time of year that we can actually indulge a bit since we do up to seventeen shows in a week. We have to fuel our bodies the right way. I always have dessert; I love a chocolate cake.

On beauty from the inside out…

It is definitely first and foremost about sleep. If I don’t get a good night sleep, I’m going to have an off day the next day no matter what. Six to eight hours of sleep a night, and water. You’ve got to hydrate.

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