10 Pasta Recipes

Saturday is World Pasta Day, which, in the world of The New Potato is just as important as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah all put together. We’ve had a lot of potato-heads come along and tell us what they do with the starchy stuff, so here are ten ways to cook it up…

1. The broccoli pasta from Elle’s Maria Duenas Jacobs is of the fusilli persuasion. It’s delicious and – let’s be real – we want whatever this girl is consuming.

2. When it comes to lasagna, the Scottos don’t joke around. Remember when we crashed their kitchen at Fresco by Scotto and got the recipe? You’re about to remember.

3. Craving a quick yet delicious lunch? Fabio Viviani does ravioli with “whipped ricotta and a drizzle of olive oil and some shaved parmesan.” Seems easy enough.

4. Preserved lemon and chickpea pasta with parsley pesto. Thanks Kim Hasselbrink, we’re sold.

5. With his new spot Bar Primi, it’s hard to challenge that restaurateur Andrew Carmellini isn’t king when it comes to pasta. He gave us his rigatoni Sunday night ragu, and we kind of felt like we were stealing something really, really valuable…

6. When we crashed Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh’s dinner, they let us steal some of their vegetarian sausage orechiette. We were grateful.

7. Who makes the best turkey bolognese? The New Potato does. Ok, we’re biased, it may not be* the best but it’s really, really good.*

8. Risotto that’s spicy and has shrimp in it…the girls at Sorella know what they’re doing.

9. You don’t have to go to Phili for Marc Vetri’s bucatini; you can get it right here.

10. We may have saved the best for last: fagottini with both lobster and caviar. Plan it for your next splurge.

*Editor’s note: Our Turkey Bolognese is made with canned tomato sauce, and is therefore most definitely not the best you’ll ever have. But, it is great for a quick, weeknight meal!