TNP x OpenTable Part II

Post-dinner, do you ever find yourself waving at your server’s back, desperately moving your hand in a not-to-be-mistaken-writing-a-check motion, looking somewhat like a crazy person? Then, when the server finally arrives with your check, do you scramble to have your card out in time to hand it over then and there, but then miss your five-second window? If your answer to all this is no, we know you’re lying.

It seems OpenTable has its finger on the pulse of restaurant culture, premiering a mobile payment app that allows you to pay your check on your iPhone (which, let’s face it, is probably already on the table in front of you face up). For those of us diners constantly on the move, OpenTable has perfectly combined food and function, which we decided to make fashionable immediately.

Today is part 2, where we hit up two of our favorite spots – Frankies and Prime Meats (both already synced up with OpenTable’s new payment app) for food, drink and basically a guide to what you should be doing this weekend. The good news is, if you’re stumbling out of either spot on Saturday, paying your check will at least be easy…



Featuring Frankies’ Fennel, Celery Root and Parsley Salad with Sliced Red Onion, Lemon and Pecorino and Antipasto. Monica Rich Kosann Journal, Illesteva Sunglasses.




Clare Vivier Clutch, Rosebud SalveMonica Rich Kosann Journal, Illesteva Sunglasses





Featuring Prime Meats’ Behind The Green Door (Fennel tea infused gin, manzanilla sherry, honey, apple brandy, and apple cider vinegar) and Old-Fashioned (Rye whiskey, turbinado sugar and house-made bartlett pear bitters)


Valentino Bag, MAC Lipglass, DANNIJO iPhone case


 *Photographed by Danielle Kosann.