Spicy Lemon Garlic Linguini

linguini pasta with garlic

– 1 lb. Linguini (Any pasta works)

– 4 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1/4 cup thinly sliced garlic

– Juice from 1 lemon

– 1/4 cup Chicken Broth

– 2 TBSP red pepper flakes

– Parsley, for garnish (Optional)

In a pot, bring water to boil. Season generously with salt. Add pasta, cook until al dente.

While pasta is cooking, add garlic and olive to a skillet over medium heat. Gently poach the garlic in the olive oil until just starting to turn brown. Add red pepper flakes, lemon juice, and chicken broth. Simmer until sauce thickens slightly. Add linguini directly to skillet to coat in the sauce. Garnish with parsley.