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We get way too excited for a new show from all-star producer Shonda Rhimes (think Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice), but then again, so does the rest of the world – right?

Tonight marks the premiere of Rhimes’ newest show – How to Get Away with Murder  – which follows a group of law students and their seductive professor (apparently sex, scandal, and a murder plot are all part of the puzzle). We sat down with one of its stars, Karla Souza, who somehow channels Ali MacGraw and Jennifer Connelly simultaneously. She’s the new girl you’ll be watching this fall, and we’re kind of crushing. She gave us her take on everything from advice from Viola Davis, to mint milkshakes at Café Gratitude and why sleep is what she’s coveting…

karla de souza

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

My ideal food day would be as follows:

Breakfast: Huevos rancheros with some chilaquiles on the side (done by my favorite cook in Mexico – my nana!), some freshly squeezed juice, and some great coffee.

Lunch: Sushi at Sugarfish.

Dinner: Thai at this quaint restaurant in Coronado called Swaddee.

How do you always start your day on a good note? 

By not hitting the snooze button thirty times!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

I drink a lot of water and try to limit the amount of sugar I eat. I love using coconut oil for cooking (and as body lotion!). Also, I love the 50 Shades of Green juice from Kreation, and have it at least three times a week. The ingredients are kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, lettuce, dandelion, spirulina, cholorphyl, and mint. I also try to make sure I sleep at least eight hours a night so that I can be the best version of myself each day. I exercise and move at least once a day to get the endorphins and blood flowing, because when you feel good, you look good! True beauty starts from the inside out, and generosity and kindness are important contributors to beauty too.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

In the morning, the very first thing I do is brush my teeth! Then I wash my face and exfoliate with P50 from Biologique Recherche, and follow up with my NeoCutis Journee Biorestorative day moisturizer with SPF. I also have some tea or organic coffee with a dash of coconut cream.

At night, I never go to sleep with my makeup on. I make sure to remove everything first, then I do an at-home hot towel facial, exfoliate with P50, use some rosewater spray, Neocutis moisturizer, and eye serum. If my face is feeling extra dry, I add some Emu oil. Sometimes I’ll do a set of relaxing stretches to get the tension out of my body – I find it soothing to relax both mind and body. Then I’ll read a page from my book/devotional. I finish the night with some hot sleepy time tea, even if just for the placebo effect.

What has shooting the new Shonda Rhimes show – How to Get Away With Murder – been like for you?

Working on this show has been such a great adventure, both exhilarating and fun. Every day I feel blessed while driving to work. I get a glimpse of the Hollywood sign on my way to the studios and it’s very surreal. And having my own parking space with my name on it is a first! So cool. It’s also crazy to think that we’re shooting on the same stages as some of the greatest shows in history, like The Golden Girls.

Shonda makes it feel like a family, and I’m so grateful to be working with people who are all so talented. Pete Nowalk, our co-creator, is a genius and I am in awe of his talent every time we get a script.

karla souza interview

What’s been the best piece of advice from her so far?

Stick to the great story telling. It’s all about the storytelling.

Best thing Viola Davis has said on set so far…

The best advice Viola has given us is that no matter how big you get in your career, it’s about the work, not the accolades.

What characteristics do you and Laurel (your character) share? 

We both observe people a lot and tend to be more introverted until we get to know someone. I’m also a hard worker like she is, and probably as sensitive as she is as well.

karla souza interview

Things about your cast members that would surprise us…

Alfie [Enoch] was born and raised in the UK, and has a killer six-pack.Viola plays such a tough character on our show, but in real life she is hilarious.

Best lunch on set so far…

Because we film in Hollywood, ordering in food is the best! Our staples so far have been Tender Greens, Magnolia and Café Gratitude.

Pre and post shoot routines…

Before a shoot I try to eat extra healthy and drink lots of water. I do hot room exercise to sweat off extra unwanted bloating and use collagen aloe vera under eye cold patches just before makeup. If I have time, I’ll also try to get a facial or two.

After a shoot, I’ll get a great massage or have a spa day. Or I’ll relax with my hubby with a great dinner and a walk. Time permitting, I love to take a trip or travel.

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Three things you’re coveting right now…

Sleep, the premiere of this great new TV show I heard is coming out (How to Get Away with Murder) and the mint milkshake at Café Gratitude.

A childhood recipe you always loved…

My mom’s Betty Crocker cakes. They always tasted different somehow when she made them.

Words to act by…

Try again, fail again, fail better.

What are your favorite cities for food and where do you go in each?

In Los Angeles, the Superba Snack Bar in Venice. In Mexico, Tacos el Greco, a hole in the wall taco place that my hubby and I go to all the time. In London, Ma Cuisine in Kew Gardens, a French restaurant where I used to work. In France, L’Elefant Blue in Nice, where my family lived for twelve years.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead who would be there? What would be your quote of the evening? 

My father, C.S Lewis, Nadia Comaneci, me when I was five, and Me when I’m sixty. Bon appetit!

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*Karla Souza, photographed at Magnolia in Los Angeles, CA by Danielle Kosann. Follow Karla on Twitter at @KarlaSouza7 and on Instagram at @KarlaSouzaOfficial.