The 10 Best Fitness Foods

What are the best foods for your workout? It’s a question we don’t ask enough. We took a turn back through The New Potato to see what foods tastemakers say energizes them the most…

1. Ballet Beautiful’s Mary Helen Bowers tells us lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains and fresh produce are the best way to move toward a ‘ballet body.’ So long story short, we’ll be consuming all of it not in moderation…

2. When Power’s Omari Hardwick needed to shrink down for a part, he turned to lots of peanuts and cashews.

3. Wondering what one of America’s great quarterbacks (in this case Cam Newton) eats 48 hours before a game? It’s all about fish, veggies, a starch, salads, fruit, and smoothies.

4. The Olympic Gold Medalist for snowboarding, Kelly Clark, has chocolate milk before and after workouts for maximum energy and recovery.

5. Kelly Clark (who gets a second turn because she’s a female snowboarder and is therefore awesome) also does a smoothie with banana, berries, juice and peanut butter pre and post training.

6. Mike Doyle eats goldfish before, during and after surfing. While we can’t exactly condone this as a “fitness food,” we really just want a good excuse to start eating goldfish again.

7. True Blood’s Kristin Bauer is on a Pure Trim Mediterranean Shake kick. It gives her energy for large amounts of time, and to our knowledge, vampires need lots of energy…

8. Also serious energizers: greens and plant-based foods, according to fitness, food and life guru Gabrielle Bernstein.

9. When Ty Pennington needs home renovation energy (we’re sure this can therefore apply to workouts), he pops peanuts and peanut butter filled pretzels.

10. What fitness foods does TNP suggest? Peanut butter and banana, almonds, a sweet potato, or this almond smoothie.

– Laura Kosann

*Image: Alvaro Beamud Cortes for Vogue Spain