What’s In Your Lunchbox?

This week, some of us are back to work, some of us back to school, and some of us back to waiting runway-adjacent for this fall’s NYFW shows to commence. Whatever we’re doing, here at TNP, lunch is always the focal point of the work week. That’s why we’ve started a new autumn column – What’s in Your Lunchbox? – where we ask some of our favorite tastemakers what their current ideal brown-bag-lunch would be comprised of. First up, Lucky Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen, who insists on fitting both a meatball sub, and a coconut into a brown bag…

P.S.: In case you were wondering, we send everyone their brown-bag lunch, including a napkin note of course!


eva chen tumblr

*Meatball Sub from Terri

eva chen street style

*Egg Custard Tart from Fay Da Bakery

eva chen facts