What Did Your Brown Bag Lunch Say About You?

Yesterday, a somewhat depressing yet accurate article came out in the New York Times concerning what back-to-school accessories kids put a premium on these days. Apparently, they’re far more concerned with tech than apparel. In other words the new iPhone 6 will score you more social cachet amongst the middle and high school halls than a cool crop top, or a sweet new denim jacket. We didn’t think it was possible to feel old in your twenties, but lo and behold, we’re sitting here finding ourselves saying, ‘Back when we were in school, we didn’t have those!” Insert rocking chair here.

When we actually looked back on our own academia days, we realized not only fashion – but also food – was a main thing that scored you attention in the lunchroom. Think about it: When you were in middle school, didn’t someone’s brown bag lunch say everything about them? There were the ‘snack pack and capri sun’ cool kids…and then there was us. We were the kids with a Mom who was slightly health-driven before health-driven was cool. She packed us things like organic turkey on potato bread paired with veggie straws. We looked longingly at the popular girls with Wonder Bread, lunchables and Lays, and hoped we’d maybe score a chip, a pudding snack or even a juicy juice on a very lucky day. Now, the food scene’s changed in schools as much as tech has. There are entire Mom wellness blogs dedicated to exactly what our Mom was trying to do (but I don’t think potato bread and veggie straws would cut it anymore. Sorry Mom).

Either way, rather than exchanging snacks and comments on how cool someone’s new Northface fleece is, it’s become clear kids are exchanging thoughts on apps and new tech. We’re embarrassed to say our tech was gameboys, nokia phones and tomagachis (remember tomagachis?!). As potato-heads ourselves, we like to think there are still kids bartering dunkaroos for goldfish…or at least, their modern-day equivalents.

P.S.: Stay tuned for our new lunch column, where your favorite tastemakers describe what their perfect brown bag lunch would be comprised of…

– Laura Kosann

*Image via DSquared2 Fall ’12 ad campaign, photographed by Mert & Marcus