5 Things We’re Loving Right Now

brooklyn yogurt

As many of you may know, half of TNP recently moved to Brooklyn, and we made a video about it. While we may poke fun at Brooklyn artisanal goods, plaid shirts (“strictly for winter”), mason jars and lace up boots, secretly we love them. See below for five things we’re loving right now inspired by our Brooklyn Video…manhattanites we’re talking to you.

1. White Mustache Yogurt – Yes, 1/2 of us actually starts the morning with this stuff and yes, it’s actually great.

2. Equipment Signature Silk Plaid Shirt – Silk plaid? Sounds like something you can wear all year round…

3. Adieu Leather Ankle Boots – If you’re going to splurge on lace-up boots, we think these are the clear fall winner.

4. Early Bird Granola – Sprinkle some of this on your White Mustache Yogurt. You’re welcome.

5. Oasis Beverage Dispenser and Mason Jars – If you’re a mason jar fan, this just takes it to the next level (and it’s a flash sale, so you better get on it).