Not Living in Brooklyn in 2014

Do you live in Brooklyn? If the answer is no, do you ever feel left out, outdated and just plain curious? If the answer is yes, do you feel – like – really cool these days? 1/2 of The New Potato – Danielle – moved to Brooklyn, and the other 1/2 – Laura – has been left behind in Manhattan. Watch what happens when you’re not living in Brooklyn in 2014…

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  1. Hilary

    August 7th, 2014

    Loved this video, thanks for the laugh!

  2. km

    August 8th, 2014


  3. Kathleen

    August 8th, 2014


  4. P&F

    August 10th, 2014

    Such a funny video!

  5. Unfunny

    August 10th, 2014

    Stop it.

  6. JohnnyOnThePony

    August 11th, 2014

    Cute but not even that one living in Brooklyn is a Brooklynite. They’re both out-of-towners on extended visit

  7. claude

    August 11th, 2014

    “what kind of customs dog is that?” made me laugh. super cute dog.

  8. Amy

    August 11th, 2014

    thankful to be laughing from portland, oregon – totally get it. there’s a breed here, too.

  9. Barbara Holmes

    August 11th, 2014

    Its about time! I lived in Bkyn. for 26 years and certain people from Manhattan would never come visit.But when I finally saved up enough to buy a house,I couldn’t afford anything in Bklyn. So now I live in Queens!

  10. popo

    January 14th, 2015

    The real question is: what the hell are they doing on the Upper East Side?

    Also, the theme is a bit outdated… should’t it be about Astoria? ^^^Barbara^^^, you’re in “new brooklyn” now.

    P.S. Ahhh, Jersey is the best.

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