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When 50 Cent produces a show, it’s hard to not at least be tempted to watch. His new show Power premiered on STARZ June 7th, and stars the very handsome Omari Hardwick. Hardwick plays Ghost – a no-nonsense drug dealer who moonlights as a nightclub owner – and the show has already been renewed for a second season. We sat down with Hardwick before the finale on August 2nd, to hear about advice from 50 Cent, dried fruit, and why his show captures the new star status of the DJ…

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From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I would say for breakfast, I’m pretty OCD. It’s oatmeal with fresh berries and brown sugar, or toast and egg whites with turkey – and some orange juice and water.

For lunch, I would say pasta to keep the energy going for the day – maybe a bowtie pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs, sometimes with turkey meat. Also some steamed vegetables or a mixed salad with avocado and fruit. I tend to drink water all day, but maybe a ginger ale for lunch. I also like to treat myself to an oatmeal cookie.

For dinner, pecan-crusted salmon if I’m feeling good or had a good workout. If not, just grilled salmon with asparagus and mashed potatoes. If I’m in a rush in Los Angeles, there is a place called Tender Greens that’s really good, fresh and inexpensive.

What are your workout routines?

I switch it up so much to trick my body. I’m doing Bikram yoga this week, but I take a lot of boxing classes. I also do sprints in the pool, a lot of hiking, sprinting up hills, meditation, and isometric work where I’m able to engage my core. I also play basketball when I can. My secret is drinking a lot of water, especially when I’m working.

Was there ever a part you had to change your diet for? What was it?

For Middle of Nowhere, they needed me to be smaller, as I was going to prison. I had to make that body change in a week! I snack all day, so I added a lot more peanuts, cashews and more snacks, as well as a lot of major energy workouts.

What’s it like collaborating with 50 Cent on Power?

It was an amazing gift. He was so generous and brilliant; I was pleasantly surprised to see how active he was in the process of a major network show. He has remained more present now that they’ve finished the season; that says something. I speak to him twice a week for two to three hours. He’s been a constant. He’s become a really good friend and we’ve learned a lot from each other.

Best advice from him so far…

He never sleeps or eats! He’s constantly telling me that he “whistles while he works.” [He emphasizes] having joy in your work and being able to push through exhaustion because of that joy.

One thing he does that would surprise us…

When he throws first pitches at New York Mets games, he throws them a little off to the side on the left.

Did you do anything to prepare for your part as Ghost? Was there research? If so, what?

I went outside Queens, NY where he’s from, and I watched loads and loads of documentaries. I watched a lot of The Cosby Show; I wanted to tap into the great father that he is. I’m constantly doing research while playing him.


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The greatest discovery you’ve made so far playing Ghost…

How delusional, narcissistic and loving people can be, all at the same time. I never would have guessed you could be all of those things at once.

Is Power an accurate portrayal of the New York club scene? How so?

I think so. It captures the star status of the DJ: the international sound, the techno mixed with rap, and the lavish look (shout out to Anthony Hemingway; he made it look just right). The only thing that is not truthful is the lack of celebrity.

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