Project Runway’s Zac Posen

Today marks a different kind of holiday in the world of fashion, the premiere of Project Runwaywhich debuts its 13th season tonight on Lifetime. We caught up with one of the judges, the extraordinarily dapper designer Zac Posen, on all things appealing to the eyes, ears and stomach. Turns out, Posen has a penchant for edible flowers, food in Tokyo and dancing to disco with Heidi Klum…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I would start with a black coffee, an egg white omelette with fresh herbs, and a good amount of fresh local fruit. For lunch, I usually have either a salad or chicken soup. I love to snack on Italian or Swedish liquorice. Dinner is a wild card. I mostly cook at home: it’s either fish – depending if my fishmonger is still open when I’m on my way home – or fresh gnocchi or pasta for a lovely pasta night!

How do you balance eating out and being healthy?

It is very difficult to balance being healthy and eating out. However, I don’t drink much alcohol and I’m conservative when it comes to breads and pastries (unless I bake them myself).

How do you always start your day on a good note?

Good music, a good Instagram, and good news about the world and my business. Sometimes, sea salt baths help!

What’s been your most memorable moment on Project Runway?

Every episode has many memorable moments. Usually, I share them with my fellow judges – Heidi [Klum] and Nina [Garcia] – off camera. We sing and dance to everything: from disco to musical theatre. Heidi loves her shows.

Some truly memorable moments involve the designers. On season 13, I have seen some great artists become confident star designers, expressing their creativity with a strong, unique vision. That is thrilling for me.

In your opinion, who should the next great American fashion designer be?

The next great American fashion designer needs to be someone who has a specific and unique vision, who is versed in craftsmanship and has solid business acumen. It should be someone with the “full package”: vision, talent, personality, drive, and resilience.

Common pitfalls you see on the show…

Time management.

Advice to young designers…

Start getting your clothes out there.

A trend you’re liking in fashion, and a trend you’re hating in fashion…

I’m enjoying a return to sublime cleanliness of the garments, when clothes become straightforward. I’m not impressed by older people trying to look like hipsters.

What’s a style choice you haven’t changed since your teen years?

I have always dressed in colors and always loved to dress up.

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

In general, I love traveling, whether a short trip or a long, relaxing one. I would never leave on a trip without my bathing suit and my new Zac Posen sunglasses.

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