5 Summer Things We’ve Already Overdone

The other night we went to drinks with a colleague, and when we preceded to order rosé, he said something like “Oh my God. I have rosé basically running through my veins at this point.” We’re keeping his identity anonymous, though we’re pretty sure the majority of the city has said something to this effect in the past week (or at least, they’ve definitely over-ordered rosé). And so, we started to ask ourselves, what other ‘summer stuff’ have we already overdone this summer? Here’s our top five list…

1. Rooftops. Why, when summer hits, does being the person that doesn’t suggest a rooftop while out at night make you a bit like the last kid picked for kickball? These days, every group has the guy that has a ‘rooftops category’ in his or her iPhone notes. Come on…you know that guy. He’s way popular, named Elton, and is like, the social director of the crew…

2. Outdoor Seating. It’s time you’re honest with yourself and ask: How many times have I said “Do they do outdoor seating?” or “Oh, and we can sit outside there!” in the past two weeks? If you’re in the double digits like we are – hopefully unlike us – you have a tan.

3. Crop-tops. They’re a bit like House of Cards: Addictive after one experience, but at some point (after you’ve lost three days of your life) you have to shelve it.

4. A “Good Seafood” Place. Sometimes, as Manhattanites, we forget we are not on the ocean. We’re on the Hudson river. “I’m just in the mood for some really good seafood.” You’ve heard it a bunch this week, haven’t you?  

5. The Hamptons Commute. Are you tired of it yet? Are you reading this as you inch your way along the Long Island Expressway, entertaining yourself by imagining whether or not walking it would be faster? There’s your answer.

Potato-heads, we’re right there with you, overdoing all things summer. Let’s overdo them even more this weekend.

Happy July 4th!

– Laura Kosann