The Best and Worst Dating Scenarios

Yesterday, one of the most popular romantic movies – The Notebook – turned ten, and it made us think of how jaded we’ve all become when it comes to dating. There’s no dancing in the street anymore, no ice cream trips, no embraces in the pouring rain or long talks on the front porch (what’s the city equivalent of a front porch?).

Now there’s Tinder, 5:30 PM text messages to plan a date that begins in forty-five minutes and of course, the ever-so-popular late night meet up. Noah wouldn’t have approved of any of this, and we’d have to agree. In fact, we’ve convinced ourselves that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes recently danced on some random street corner somewhere, or lay in front of a traffic light watching it go from green to yellow to red to green to yellow to red. They had to have, right? To deal with our Notebook-Nostalgia, we rounded up first date ideas and musings on TNP that may or may not keep love alive…

A favorite spot of Brett David’s is Minetta Tavern, where his parents had their first date forty-four years ago. Males, bring a girl here for the first date…not much can go wrong. In fact, you may even get… (we won’t say ‘lucky’ or ‘some’) along. Really, really well.

Le Bernardin is where GQ’s Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson would send any guy on a first date. We wish there was some way to get this endorsement out there. Brian Williams, can you include this on tonight’s nightly news?

Details Matthew Marden promises the perfect first date is “A movie at the Angelika or dinner at the bar at Babbo. The corner seats are the best.” Both these options sound swoon-worthy.

Marie Claire’s Kyle Anderson and his boyfriend go for Korean BBQ every Monday and Friday for date night. We think this is cute, but wonder if the food is of the same man-repelling nature as this healthy kale caesar salad we made for…well…The Man Repeller.

First dates give Jane Pratt hives. So her perfect ones include meeting someone randomly backstage at a concert or tandem sky-diving. Um, Jane, can you give us some tips on how to arrange these get-togethers in an organized fashion while still being spontaneous?

This Paella Valencia would be possibly the cutest thing ever to cook someone when you’re in that first-three-dates-vortex.

Sports Illustrated cover model Chrissy Teigen loves going to Frank on Thursdays. So ladies, Frank on Thursday may not be the best first date spot…

We’re obsessed with Café Habana. Upon going on a first date though, we feel it’s important to declare whether you’re in the friend zone or the date zone. The vibe here could really confuse the two. That being said, if you’re trying to slowly ease someone into the ‘we’re just pals’ stage, it could be the perfect spot.

Ty Burrell loves the charming Il Bambino in Queens. We feel like there’s something cool about journeying to Queens on a first date and having an adventure. As long as that adventure involves Uber.

Splitting the roast chicken and the gnocchi at Barbuto over a bottle of rose? What’s a better summertime date? If it’s good enough for us and practically every tastemaker we’ve had on TNP…it should be good enough for you.

– Laura Kosann