Lori Goldstein

Stylist Lori Goldstein is up there with the most legendary icons in fashion, collaborating throughout her career with the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel and Donatella Versace. What we love most though about Goldstein is her constant affirmation that “Everything goes with anything.” From clashing colors or patterns, all the way to high-low, Goldstein has always been known to ask why not, rather than why when approaching the world of style. As a boundaries-pushing site that was born out of the notion that industries should not be mutually exclusive, we’ve always been inspired by Goldstein’s work and vision (which she currently makes accessible to the public through her line for OVC, LOGO by Lori Goldstein). We chatted with Goldstein, who was the first person on The New Potato whose Ideal Food Day involves fasting, as well as the first to visit the Eiffel Tower with Angelina Jolie. Brad, guess you have to be on TNP now…

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What would be your ideal food day from start to finish?

Honestly…fasting. It’s true. That would be my ideal food day. I love how I feel when I’m fasting. I mean juices, and detox teas…I love it.

So how has the fashion landscape changed since you first started?

Oh my God; it’s just a completely different place. It’s great. Everything evolves; fashion should evolve. [When I started] we were sort of like this new frontier. We were really doing whatever we wanted to do. There were no rules and we kind of just got to make up everything; it was a dream come true. And then it turned into a business and there were a lot of rules, but that’s good too. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s fashion – or the world – but I’ve changed and I’m in a whole different place. I mean, I still love to buy clothes. I still love to shop. But as far as the business goes, I’m in a whole different headspace.

And what would you say that is?

QVC. I just I love what I’m doing. I feel like there’s a purpose. I feel like everything I learned has culminated to this place to do this. And I’m just having fun; I just want to always have fun and keep it moving. That’s kind of my motto.

How would you say social media plays into what you’re doing now?

We’re just all accessible and we’re all interested in what each other is doing. I don’t like to take it too seriously or consider it this big chunk of my business, although it can be. But really, it’s just fun. It kind of brings that kid element to everything. I mean, it’s a little high school-y in the worse way possible too. You know: ‘You’ve un-followed me??’ But I try not to get caught up in all of that and just speak out on what I love and follow people who inspire me. It’s a hit and it’s addicting. I’m basically talking about Instagram because I’m obsessed with Instagram. It’s that instant power of the image, which has always sort of been how I see the world.

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis?

I’m inspired by so many things. Obviously my dog; I love animals. I love New York City. I love visual inspiration. I love nature. And then the obvious things. Food inspires me, art inspires me…It’s life, and life is awesome.

What initially made you want to be a stylist? 

Well I loved clothes, and I loved New York City. And I found out that I loved being my own boss. Through two sort of crazy partnerships, I realized: ‘What can I do so that I’m responsible for me and only me?’ And as I’m growing, I see why I’m that type of person. In the eighties, when we were all styling, it was like we were just making stuff up. It was like ‘Okay, I’m going to be a stylist. That’s what I do.’

What’s your most memorable experience on set working with people like [iconic photographers] Steven Meisel and Annie Leibovitz? 

I don’t know if there is one most memorable experience. For me in general, working with Steven, who has that love of fashion, and being around a team of people that 100% inspired me and had that same sort of vision…what could you ask for better than that? You’re working with this team of people that inspire you and love what you love and you’re just creating everything – more than you ever imagined you could. And with Annie, it was this experience. I worked with Annie when I was just starting out and I was young and we traveled the world. I got to see the world in this really special way. We went to Germany, and we were in the castles that Disney was inspired by. We were at the top of the Paris Opera looking down, or we were seeing the Eiffel Tower with Angelina Jolie. Every experience was amazing. I was pretty spoiled after that. And learning about photography through Annie; it wasn’t about fashion.

What is your definition of good content online? 

Well obviously I love great visual. I love people’s truth and stories; you can tell when they’re really from the heart. Also shopping….I have to say it’s been a whole new amazing experience. How great to get that hit whenever you want? You go online and see what you want and get it that way. I’m more of a visual person. When I look at your site, I’m totally looking at the pictures first and then I want to read. The images inspire me to say ‘What’s going on?’

How has your personal style changed as you’ve gotten older?

It’s more expensive. (Laughs)

Is there one piece that you’ve had forever that you still wear all the time? 

I really get rid of things. I’m a releaser, so I can hoard and release and hoard and release. When I’m overflowing, I have a crack up. I held onto my Betsey Johnson leggings for years. I lived in my striped leggings, and my big flower print leggings. I had my Fiorucci t-shirts forever that I got rid of. I had this whole drawer and finally I picked them all up one day and I was like ‘Who wore these?’ They were so tiny all of the sudden!

What’s your advice to women waking up, looking in the mirror and getting dressed in the morning?

Have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Know that there are no rules and no mistakes, and just try different things. Make sure you have this closet filled with things that you love. They don’t have to go with anything. They don’t really have to have a sense of purpose. Just play with them all. If you love them, they basically will all go with each other. I think there are so many rules that people think have to be. When you let those go, I think that freedom really allows you to have fun with clothes; that’s what they’re for.

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