It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

It’s 5 O’clock somewhere, especially when it’s the first week of summer! Here are 10 go-to drinks and cocktail recipes we’re thinking you should make this week…

1. The refreshing watermelon gimlet from mixologist Yana Volfson is a twist on the classic that’s bound to impress

2. This favorite from the Hemingway Bar in Paris is named after Kate Moss…Need we say more?

3. Leave it to Amanda Freitag to not just make margaritas, but Strawberry Basil Margaritas when entertaining. It’s goodness in a glass.

4. For something both filling and relaxation inducing, try this Strawberry Rumshake recipe. This milkshake may in fact bring all the boys to your yard…

5. George Clooney is not only getting engaged but he also made a tequila. And gave us a recipe for a delicious concoction called Su Casa. P.S. George Clooney, su casa es mi casa.

6. When it comes to Jersey Boys star Mike Doyle, he likes a very specific kind of Manhattan. Here’s how to order it: “The Perfect Manhattan, which is different from the regular Manhattan, in that it is half sweet vermouth and half dry vermouth and with a twist not a cherry.”

7. Busy Philipps’ drink is easy enough, and perfect for a light summer evening choice: “Tequila and soda with a lime on the side…7 Leguas Silver or Don Julio Silver.”

8. It’s not summer brunching without the perfect Bloody Mary; be that person that makes it at home with a homemade brunch! Here’s the quintessential original Bloody Mary recipe from the bar that invented it, The King Cole Bar.

9. Bryanboy just may have the perfect summer drinking cycle: “BluePrint lime, ginger, lemon and agave juice in the morning, water for lunch, and a Lychee Martini and vodka soda at night. Detox then retox in twelve hours!” Consider us in.

10. You can order Louise Roe’s go-to at Eveleigh in Los Angeles, or with a little work you can make it homemade. It’s called The Poor Carlito, and it’s Milagro tequila, fresh lime, honey, smoked salt and a giant ice cube.

– Laura Kosann