Beach Bag Essentials

It’s beach bag season (and tomorrow is the first official day of summer!). What does that mean? A few things: A. Us pale potatoes will be applying SPF by the metric ton B. We’ll be planning which snacks we’ll pack for trips about 3 weeks in advance (go ahead, judge) C. We’ll be analyzing which beauty products are must-haves when stranded on a sandy island (aka a beach in the Hamptons). That’s why we rounded up our top beach bag must-haves of both the culinary and coiffing persuasion to make your summer days…

1. Beauty goddesses Jean Godfrey-June (Executive Beauty Editor of Lucky) loves Lancome Flash Bronzer, so obviously we’re deeming it a necessary staple to spruce up after an ocean dip.

2. Lucky’s Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen and The Coveteur’s Stephanie Mark were all about the birkenstocks in their interviews so um…we’re jumping on that train. Skeptical? Molly Sims’ Givenchy birkenstocks are quite the opposite of granola guys. (Speaking of granola, here’s a great recipe for it, Ziploc it up, and bring it to the beach!)

3. Model Hilary Rhoda let us know she loves her Peanut Butter M & M’s; what’s a better beach snack really? Just eat them quickly before they melt! (Does anyone else feel like Hilary Rhoda’s M & M’s would somehow stay fresh the entire day? But that yours would inevitably melt and leak in your bag? Just us? Never mind.)

4. Sunscreen much? Us pale potatoes apply every four seconds, and we’re liking Jenni Kayne’s Suntegrity Tinted Sunscreen recommendation. Sunscreen is cool.

5. Chapped lips are not helping your beach look but they can be an inevitable result of the sun. Louise Roe, Chelsea Leyland and Whitney Port all love Lucas Papaw Ointment. Add that to your beachy version of Mary Poppins’ bag.

6. Orange is the New Black’s Kate Mulgrew called salted nuts “a reason to go on.” We don’t have as much of a flare for drama, but they are a great snack. Or you could go the Rebecca Taylor route and pack some Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips.

7. Feeling dried out while you’re stuck in the sun? Try packing the Clinique Moisture Surge, it’s a favorite of Cosmopolitan’s digital editor Amy Odell.

8. Karlie’s Kookies! Remember our interviews with Karlie Kloss and Christina Tosi? We love them, we love their cookies, and they’re a TNP approved beach bag MUST.

9. Yeah, yeah, you think you have awesome beach hair but come on, we could all use a little help every now and again. Louise Roe’s Tresemmé Dry Shampoo recommendation will do the trick.

10. Sarah Colonna’s afternoon snack is vodka. Mini travel bottles…we dare ya.

Happy beaching!

Forever yours,

Pale Potatoes