Meet The Rhoads

chris and sarah rhoads photography

Not only do we love family-run businesses, but (like our parents’ business) we also love when couples build something together. Spotlight on Chris and Sarah Rhoads, the photography duo that met in college and not only live in tandem, but shoot in tandem. We stopped by their paradise of a home in Los Angeles to turn the tables on them (aka, bring them lunch from The Trails and put them behind the camera)…


From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Sarah: My ideal food day would be starting the day with a healthy smoothie of some kind. I usually whip up something in my Vitamix with kale, bananas, carrots and pineapple. I like a good avocado turkey sandwich at lunch. There would be a soy latte in the mix somewhere throughout the day and I’d have some incredible Italian meal for dinner and a little gelato to end the day.

Chris: My day would both begin and end with chicken and waffles. Mix in a burrito, some pastries and lots of coffee and that is my idea of perfection.


How do you always start your day?

Both: Cuddling with our cat who sleeps next to us every night when we’re lucky enough to be in town and sleeping in our own bed…that and coffee.


What’s your drink?

Sarah: Moscow Mule

Chris: Basil Hayden Bourbon


You say you shoot in tandem; do you do everything else in tandem?

Both: Haha! We are lucky enough to have a lot in common so we do end up doing a lot of the same things. However, Chris is really into working on his motorcycles and going on rides and Sarah is really into gardening, so that’s something we don’t do in tandem. 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Both: Traveling, music, each other, movies, and our friends who are all pushing to do really inspiring stuff.


Words to photograph by…

Sarah: To photograph something well you have to really care about the person or situation you’re photographing. Care goes a long way to the sincerity of a photo.


Favorite shoot ever and why…

Sarah: That’s a tough one since all of our projects end up being like our children, loved in very different ways for many different reasons. I would probably say a recent shoot with Carrie Brownstein for Rolling Stone. We spent the day in Carrie’s home in Portland and she was super chill and felt like an old friend. Very easy to photograph and such a pleasure, especially since we are Sleater-Kinney fans and love Portlandia.

Chris: One of our first big ad jobs years ago was for Sony. It was a campaign with lots of energy and youth. Afterwards, there were 100-foot banners down Madison Avenue in New York. The feeling of seeing our work that large still sticks with me.

rhoads photography

Favorite item in your studio and why…

Sarah: My Mamiya 7II camera.

Chris: Stephen Kenn sofa – I love the tones and vibe that the sofa brings.


The thing you most often tell your shoot subjects…

Sarah: To just relax and have fun with it.

Chris: To try and forget that we are on a photoshoot.

rhoads photo

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be, where would it be and why? 

Sarah: I would probably say Madonna in her home. Her music helped shape my childhood and she was one of the first powerful, inspiring women that I first saw pursuing their passion with gusto.

Chris: Willie Nelson at his house or on a tour bus. I would love to capture him in a way that allows people to peek inside the “every day” Willie Nelson.

*Chris and Sarah Rhoads, photographed in Los Angeles, California by Danielle Kosann.