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Lorraine Candy

Editor-in-Chief, ELLE UK

Have you found long form journalism translates better in print or online at this point? 

We found out something really interesting, which is really brilliant actually. On mobile, which is our biggest growth area in terms of traffic, people will read a lot more than they will read on desktop. I don’t put content from the magazine online. That would be mad. You’d be giving it away for free and I’m never going to give pieces written by amazing columnists away. That’s absolutely bonkers. So when we were doing a story around Dolce & Gabbana a few weeks ago, we put up [online] an interview I’d done with them about five years ago. We put that up, and it was one of the most read things on mobile. It was 2,000 words. You’re traveling when you’re on mobile; you’re sitting down and you’ll read a lot. I think long form can go anywhere, as long as it’s the right subject matter.

People always say, “Women have such short attention spans now.” We don’t have short attention spans at all. It’s putting us into boxes again. We have a really long attention span. We just maybe don’t particularly want to read long form when we’re at work. We might want to read it on the way home. We might want to read it when we’re traveling somewhere. Our attention span is exactly the same as it ever was. We’re more interested. We want more experience, and we want to know more things.

What is your advice to women waking up looking in mirror getting dressed? 

Don’t get stressed out! (Laughs) My fashion director gave me some wonderful advice about a year ago, because she’s absolutely brilliant. She is the best person in London to go shopping with. She told me that in your wardrobe, put the ten pieces you might wear this week into the wardrobe, and put the rest somewhere else. Then you just move between those pieces. And then the following week, if you have time, put in the next ten things you’re going to wear. It narrows your choices down, and it makes it quite quick.

What do you say to yourself in the mirror every day? 

I think you have to just look in the mirror and say, “I’m going to enjoy today.”

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

When I had my last child two years ago, I had put on quite a bit of weight and I was very tired all the time. I wasn’t being very healthy or mindful about what I was eating and I really looked to change the way I ate – to eat more fish, to be more thoughtful about vegetables, to go from white rice to brown rice. I also started running. I do feel it; I do feel better. You just feel better when you’re healthier.

Where do you love to travel and what won’t you travel without? 

I don’t do any transatlantic unless I absolutely have to because I’m too far away to go back for the children. I do the occasional trip to New York and Los Angeles. I won’t travel without my phone.

Otherwise [in general], I’m not really tied to possessions and interiors. We “hot desk” here, so I sit in a different place every day. I don’t have an office. And that’s fine for me, because I’m not affected by my environment. My fashion director for instance, if she goes into a hotel, she brings her candles and creates a little home. If the curtains are horrible, she gets moved to another room. It makes sense for her and what she does, but I don’t mind. I can exist anywhere. I’m a light traveler.

Tell us more about hot-desking…

We just sit anywhere every day. Everyone does that. You can’t work with a different team if you’re all in opposite, fixed areas. Nobody would talk to each other. There are forty-two people here. We have to have a constant dialogue all of the time. It means that everybody knows what’s going on. So when the Chanel backpack comes into the office, we’re all going “Oh my God, have you seen the Chanel backpack? It’s the most amazing thing ever!” It’s a collaborative approach. No other magazine in this arena does that.

What are your favorite cities for food? Where do you go in each?

Scott’s is my favorite restaurant in London. Dean Street Townhouse I love. And then I have a local restaurant called Singapore Garden, which is probably the best Chinese in London. There’s a place in Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré that everybody goes to called Le Castiglione. Whenever we are in Paris we always say, “Should we just go to Le Castiglione?” In New York, I love Soho House.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black?’ what is ‘the new potato?’

Flat shoes are the new potato. The trainer.

*Lorraine Candy, photographed in the ELLE UK offices in London, England, by Danielle Kosann. Lorraine wears a Jonathan Saunders blouse, Topshop pants, Louis Vuitton shoes and Cutler and Gross glasses. 


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  1. vm

    June 4th, 2014

    “Not big on carbs,” but she indulges in Krispy Kreme donuts and croissants. Those are carbs – bad carbs.

  2. Flash

    June 4th, 2014

    vm: exactly. She contradicts herself throughout this Q&A. In regards to retail what about the ELLE clothing sold at Kohl’s? Seems like ELLE EICs have been cranking up the snoot factor lately. It’s a fashion magazine that features expensive items that the average person can’t afford. Enough already.

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