7 Days, 7 Go-To Recipes

best grilled cheese sandwich

1-2. Katie Lee and Gabrielle Bernstein can nail their go-to recipes for you in no more than a paragraph:

Katie: “Dijon Pesto Salmon. All you do is mix a little Dijon into store-bought pesto, spread it on the salmon and bake at 250 degrees for about ten to fifteen minutes (depending on how done you like it). Geoffrey [Zakarian] says it’s best to cook salmon at a low heat, since it’s a high fat fish…I usually just have it with a baked sweet potato and a salad.”

Gabrielle: “My go-to recipe is brown rice and brown lentils with steamed vegetables piled on top. I add a chimichurri sauce to this. To make the chimichurri sauce, I mix a cup of cilantro, a cup of parsley, one garlic clove and ½ a cup of olive oil (or more, depending on how much you love olive oil).”

3. Ingrid Hoffmann gave us an easy Latin go-to in three steps…

Heat 3 tbs of corn oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat for 1 minute. Add 1 pound of seeded and chopped poblano chiles and 3 garlic cloves minced and cook until the chiles start to soften, about 5 minutes. Add 1 pound of tomatillos quartered and salt. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook, stirring occasionally until the tomatillos begin to break down and release some liquid, about 10 minutes.

Transfer the tomatillo sauce to your blender and puree. Your salsa verde is ready!

Mix with cooked shredded chicken or sauteed shrimp.

4. Kyle Anderson’s go-to for eating in is cereal. Try this granola from Aimee Olexy! 

5. Dominique Ansel cooks “a really amazing bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles, believe it or not.” Get the Vegan version from Alicia Silverstone.

6. Sarah Colonna claims she makes a pretty decent Bolognese…or “at least that’s what she tells herself.” We’re sure she does, and all you other Bolognese heads should check out our essential Turkey Bolognese.

7. Youtuber Justine Ezarik says she’s “pretty basic” with “grilled cheese and tomato soup!” Try Whitney Port’s grilled cheese recipe.