TNP x The Coveteur

What happens when food and fashion team up online? Besides invoking the slightly odd instinct for audiences to lick the screen, it also results in possibly the most delicious shoot ever come to life. Case in point, this collaboration between The New Potato and one of our favorite fashion sites, The Coveteur, who make the contents of tastemakers’ closets look just as delicious as Christina Tosi’s birthday cake truffles

The duo behind the ever-popular couture destination – Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg – are constantly getting the inside scoop on the most coveted of closets. During their latest trip in New York, we decided to order up some room service at The Viceroy Hotel and mix it with oodles of goodies from ShopBazaar (after which, we all got cozy in white terry cloth robes and ate as much of the food as we could while surrounded by a bevy of accessories and clothing). If you think there’s a better way to spend your Monday than to peruse this shoot, speak now (but we won’t listen) or forever hold your peace…


Featured Above: Chloe sandalsReed Krakoff bag

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

Stephanie: For breakfast, scrambled egg whites (I just like the taste better) and a large bowl of fresh fruit – no melon! An iced coffee with vanilla flavored almond milk and a large glass of water with lemon. For lunch, a chopped salad, key ingredients being kale, olives, turkey, heart of palm, cucumbers, chick peas, peppers, lemon juice and olive oil. For dinner, I cannot get enough of the pizza at Pizza Libretto in Toronto. It is amazing and they have a gluten-free option which is flawless. I would get a Margherita with house-made sausage and chili oil.

Jake: Two poached eggs on toast with avocado and diced onion for breakfast, followed by chicken fingers with plum sauce for lunch. I’d have salmon, asparagus and brown rice for dinner, and finish it off with popcorn and a movie at night.


Featured Above: Chloe sandals

Best snacks to have while sorting one’s closet…

Stephanie: A banana, popcorn, and Karlie’s Kookies.

Jake: A Clif bar – they keep you full for an entire shoot.


Featured Above: Pierre Hardy bagAurelie Bidermann jewelry

Do closets tell a story? How so? 

Both: A closet tells the story of a person. You can tell a lot by what they wear, how their closet is organized and what pieces they have held on to. It also allows you to see into their past, if they have kept a lot of their clothes from different periods in their lives (college, high school, etc.).


Featured Above: Iro jacket

Where did the original idea for The Coveteur come from?

Both: The original idea for the site came from taking street style one step further. We wanted to see inside all of these tastemakers homes and explore their process of getting dressed. It was also to show the behind the scenes stars of the fashion industry – the hair dressers, stylists, editors, etc.


Featured Above: Valentino SandalsOlympia Le Tan Clutch

What’s been your favorite ever closet so far? 

Stephanie: I cannot choose! Everyone has their own story and own take on life and personal style; it too hard to pick just one!

Jake: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Featured Above: Valentino jewelry

Three words that encapsulate the fusion of fashion and food…

Both: Innovative, Obvious and A Feast (for the eyes and stomach!)


Featured Above: Dolce & Gabbana wedges

Who haven’t you coveteured yet, that you’d still like to?

Stephanie: Fran Drescher and The Nanny costume archives.

Jake: Neil Young, Cindy Crawford, and Jonathan Ives.


Featured Above: Dolce & Gabbana wedges

If you could switch closets with anyone, who would it be? 

Stephanie: Kate Foley. She nails cool and effortlessly chic.

Jake: Tom Ford


Featured Above: Aurelie Bidermann jewelry

The craziest scenario you’ve ever put someone’s accessory or item of clothing in…

Stephanie: Well, up until we shot with The New Potato, we had never put an earring in an oyster, so I would say that takes the cake!


La Prestic Ouiston Striped Poplin Jumpsuit

Funniest thing a ‘covetee’ has ever said as you pillage their closet…

Stephanie: “That bag is where I hide my drugs…”

Jake: “Don’t look in this drawer…”


How do you always start your day on a good note? 

Stephanie: I have just started running in the morning and that is a great feeling. Yoga is good too – I just started that as well. The easiest way is with a coffee, looking around the office, and seeing all of the amazing people who are there everyday helping us grow The Coveteur. That is a great feeling and provides instant happiness and gratification.

Jake: A coffee, a cigarette and good music.


Five things you can’t live without right now…

Stephanie: Givenchy Birkenstocks, iced coffee, Mophie portable iPhone chargerFrends headphones and Modern Family re-runs.

Jake: My passport, my family, my iPhone, my new Nike Free Flyknit 4.0s and my Oliver Peoples matte black Bernardo sunglasses.


Featured Above: Reed Krakoff bag, Valentino jewelry

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

Stephanie: We have been lucky enough to have gone to Dubai twice in the past month and it was absolutely amazing. The people are amazing and watching a culture grow and create so rapidly is really inspiring. On a personal note, a week in Tulum during the off-season (aka when it is quiet) would be amazing and if we are really reaching, a week in Bali. I will not travel without 10,000 chargers for every possible device. It really cuts down on stress if you have all of that when you walk out the door.

Jake: Florianópolis in Brazil, back country California, the Pacific Crest Trail, Muskoka [Canada], and anywhere I can make a fire. I never travel without my passport.


Tonya Hawkes Tassel Box Clutch

You never liked X till you tried it at Y…

Stephanie: I never liked yoga until I tried it at Moksha in TorontoI never liked running until I tired it on Couch to 5k (the best app ever).

Jake: I never liked raw fish until I tried it at Sugarfish.


Featured Above: Sophia Webster Sandal

Words to dress by…

Stephanie: If you do not feel good in it, do not buy it/wear it.

Jake: Be comfortable.


Featured Above: Edie Parker clutch

Words to eat by…

Stephanie: You are what you eat. 

Jake: Don’t be afraid to try new things!


Featured Above: 3.1 Phillip Lim bag

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

Stephanie: In Toronto, Grand Electric and Electric Mud for the best Mexican and BBQ in the city. Bar Isabel for amazing everything. Coffee from Lost and Found, a sick men’s clothing store and barber shop. And Pizza Libretto; I could wax poetic about this pizza for days.

In New York, Takahachi in the East Village for my favorite sushi, Narcissa (one of everything please!) and Souen (an oldie but a goodie).

Jake: In Dubai, Le Petit Maison. In New York, Lovely Day. In Paris, Hôtel Costes and in Los Angeles, Don Antonio’s.


Featured Above: Theory dress

If you could host a dinner party for any three people living or dead who would be there? What would you cook or order in?

Stephanie: Jimmy Fallon, Ty Burrell and Daria Werbowy. I am a terrible cook so this would be a full on order-in scenario. From NYC I would do a huge Miss Lily’s order, and in Los Angeles, Gjelina all the way.

Jake: I’d have a barbecue in my backyard with Kate Moss, Russell James and my family.


Featured Above: Valentino clutch

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black,’ what is ‘the new potato’ right now?

Stephanie: I do believe coconuts are the new kale.


*Photographed by Jake Rosenberg at The Viceroy in New York City. Clothing and accessories courtesy of