Gabrielle Bernstein

This April, ‘spirit junkie’ Gabrielle Bernstein came out with a new book, Miracles Now, which is the ultimate collection of Bernstein’s life-changing techniques. The motivational speaker and author has reaffirmed our faith in terms like ‘life coach’ at a time when the phrase can sometimes cause the occasional eye roll. An expert on all things lifestyle, Bernstein tackles everything from how to approach food, to women in media, to essential fashion philosophies, all the way to beauty routines and diet. We caught up with Bernstein, at her favorite New York Spot, Gingersnap’s Organic. What better way to get pumped about your week, post-holiday weekend? Exactly.

spirit junkie

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast, a Mexican scramble: Scrambled eggs with Pico de Gallo, guacamole, and black beans on a brown rice wrap with Yerba Mate to drink. For lunch, a Buddha bowl with quinoa, grilled vegetables, seaweed, lemon and olive oil. As a snack, I’m obsessed with hummus and Mary’s Gone crackers. For dinner, wild salmon with steamed vegetables, and berry coconut ice cream for dessert (Sugar free frozen berries in the Vitamix with coconut cream). Delicious!

How should women approach food each and every day?

I believe that we must pay attention to how food affects our energy. Making sure to incorporate tons of greens and plant-based foods into your diet will really energize you.

If energy and vitality is your goal then I suggest scaling back on (or eliminating) sugar and white carbohydrates. Feed yourself live, green plants and you’ll feel more alive!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I can honestly say that I feel better now than I did nine years ago because of what I’ve eliminated from my diet. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in nearly nine years. Being sober, combined with not eating sugar, has made me look and feel healthier than I did in my twenties.

‘Guru’ or ‘life coach’ can sometimes be titles people don’t necessarily understand. What do those words mean to you?

The words “guru” or “life coach” really just mean teacher. I perceive myself as a spiritual teacher who is committed to serving others by fearlessly sharing my own personal growth experiences. 

What advice would you give to women getting up, looking in the mirror, and getting dressed?

Make sure you’re comfortable! I choose comfort any day. When I’m comfortable I feel authentic and connected to my body. You can dress comfortably and still wear fabulous clothes. My go-to outfit is a t-shirt, jeans, my Acne leather jacket and Isabel Marant sneakers. Fierce fashion mixed with comfort wins every time.

Words to yourself upon waking up in the morning…

Every morning I say a prayer from the metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?”

Words to eat by…

A prayer I say before I eat: “I love my food. My food loves me.”

Something all men should know about women…

Just let us talk… 

Who inspires you personally?

What inspires me most is witnessing other people’s willingness to change and grow.

What are you morning and nightly beauty routines?

In the evening I use Tata Harper’s face scrub, Philosophy Miracle Worker overnight cream along with an awesome organic brand called Bee Yummy olive oil and bee pollen under-eye cream.

In the morning, I wash my face with a brand called Osea Organics. Then, if I’m working from home, I lather my face with the Bee Yummy bee pollen, olive oil cream. My skin glows from this product!

I dry brush and I do coconut oil pulling (swish coconut oil around your mouth to clean your gums).

What’s your workout routine?

I’m a trained Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher so I have my own practice at home. Right now I’m doing a 40-day Kundalini Kriya for raising sexual energy. It’s awesome and empowering! I also practice pilates.

Any quick tricks to get over public speaking fears? What are they?

The best trick for getting over the fear of public speaking is to breathe. Your breath is your source of power.

In addition, I have a tool in my new book, Miracles Now, that is designed for getting over stage fright:

Stage fright comes from a limiting belief from the past, an idea like: It’s not safe to speak publicly or I won’t be accepted for what I have to say. That fear is triggered every time the opportunity to speak arises. In order to change this age old phobia, one must reprogram their brain. The part of the brain that triggers stage fright (and all other fears) is the amygdala. The amygdala is the part of the brain that plays a major role in storing memories associated with emotional events. When the amygdala is triggered it has the capacity to hijack the logical brain and lead us into fight or flight. In the case of stage fright, one can lose sight of all logic and go into a state of panic.

Applying pressure on certain meridians of the body can modulate your amygdala and therefore release you from the illusion that you’re unsafe. The simple act of pressing down on a certain body meridian can establish a new emotion which helps you calm down and create a new experience.

For stage fright, a simple tool is to apply pressure to a point on the back side of the forearm. I’ve been taught that this point’s name is called “Outer Pass” and allows us to pass through situations where we need to be “Out” to the world with courage and self-reliance.

When you have stage fright you apply medium pressure to the back side of the forearm approximately three inches from the back of the wrist, for one to three minutes.

This one minute miracle can help release you from stage fright and guide you to establish a new emotional pattern. Use this tool whenever you need to speak publicly and remember, the world needs you to share your light!

What’s changed in women’s media since you started?

There are so many more women helping women. I began my career as an entrepreneur nearly fifteen years ago. When I first got started women were much more cut-throat and less likely to support one another. That has changed dramatically. These days women are extremely supportive and collaborative.

How do you always start your day on a good note?

I begin my morning with a positive affirmation from my app, the Spirit Junkie alarm clock. The app is simple but powerful. Each morning when your phone alarm rings, an affirmation pops up. While you’re still cozy in bed, clear your mind and meditate on the message, allowing it to sink in and soak your soul. Then start your day with a positive, confident attitude. 

A go-to recipe for eating in…

My go-to recipe is brown rice and brown lentils with steamed vegetables piled on top. I add a chimichurri sauce to this. To make the chimichurri sauce, I mix a cup of cilantro, a cup of parsley, one garlic clove and ½ a cup of olive oil (or more, depending on how much you love olive oil.)

What’s always in your bag?

I carry a hot pink wallet. It’s great feng shui to have a clean, bright wallet. Choose a color that represents abundance, such as, gold, red or green. Make sure to keep your wallet clean so that you clear all blocks to receiving more money.

I carry a gold makeup bag filled with RMS lip gloss, oil absorbing sheets, and mascara.

What are your favorite cities for food and where do you go in each?

In London, Ottolenghi. In Los Angeles, Café Gratitude. In NYC, Angelica Kitchen. In Paris, La Cremerie. 

In the same vein as what is the new black in fashion, what is the new potato?

Meditation is the new potato. 

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead, who would be there?

Florence Welch and Joan of Arc.

*Gabrielle Bernstein, photographed at Gingersnap’s Organic in New York City by Danielle Kosann. Gabrielle wears a LoveShackFancy top, Isabel Marant sneakers, and AG jeans.