Katie Finneran

Two-time Tony Award winner Katie Finneran (who is also the new face on the The Michael J. Fox show) is making her nightclub debut at 54 Below starting May 28th. The adorable and hilarious theater actress has an appeal that translates both on the screen and onstage, and we took an inside look into everything from her diet, to her best moments with Michael J. Fox, all the way to the place in Times Square she actually loves to camp out…

Describe your ideal food day…

My fancy morning shake [see below for ingredients], great meats and veggies and a great gluten-free baked good. By The Way bakery is the best.

How do you start your day on a good note?

I make a shake every morning with water, Athletic Greens, whey protein powder, berry powder by Synergy, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt. My two-year-old loves it; my three-year-old won’t go near it.

What are some pre and post show routines? 

Broccoli and chicken with Coconut Aminos. Sounds weird, but tastes like teriyaki sauce.

What catches your eye on every menu?

Anything gluten-free, and bacon-wrapped dates.

What’s your drink?

Fresh, fresh, fresh orange juice.

Your go-to rehearsal snack on stage…

Gluten-free pretzels by Glutino and Polly-o string cheese.

What are some Times Square gems that ‘aren’t so square?’ 

Angus McIndoe’s place. I always feel cozy there.

Top three shows you have yet to see that are on your to-do list…

Rocky – Alex Timbers is an amazing director; Violet – Love me some Sutton Foster, and Casa Valentina – Harvey Fierstein has such an authentic voice.

Any good foods or drinks for the vocal chords? What are they?

Pineapple and honey. I don’t know if they do anything for the voice, but they are tasty before a show.

What’s it like moving from theater to TV?

I love theater. You don’t have to hit your mark and tell the story out of order, but I love going back and forth. I’m usually way too loud when I’m acting on a film set. I try to do more mumble acting on camera.

Most memorable moment thus far with Michael J. Fox?

When you are having a conversation with Michael, you have his full attention. It feels like there’s nobody else around. He is so generous and kind. I wish all leading men were more like him. The best is when I make him laugh. If I can make Alex P. Keaton laugh, I’m done for the day.

What’s a typical lunch like on set?

I’m always happy when there are simple vegetables and good lean meats around. And maybe some ice cream.

What’s always in your on-set trailer fridge?

Fuji Apples. And some baked good from By The Way, the best gluten-free bakery, hands down. No contest. Coconut cake, chocolate chip cookies, sour cherry cakes. Crazy good.

A go-to recipe when eating in:

My husband cooks everything. I’m hopeless in the kitchen. He makes amazing pulled pork. I don’t cook, but strangely, I love to read Cook’s Illustrated.

Your other favorite cities for theater…

Chicago, Toronto, and any city supporting theater in their schools.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black,’ what is ‘the new potato’ of theater?

The New Victory Theater for kids on 42nd Street.

*Katie Finneran, photographed at 54 Below in New York City by Danielle Kosann. Katie will be performing at 54 Below May 28th – May 31st. Buy tickets here