Mom Gives The Best Advice

Whether it’s advice to new Moms, their kids, us, or even just amazing quotables in general, what we’ve found as sisters at TNP is that the Moms on our site know best. It’s just a fact. And let’s be honest, whether they’re on The New Potato or not, usually Moms give the very best advice (even though we don’t always like to admit it, or take it, often to our detriment).

Well, Mother’s Day happens to be this weekend so, in addition to saying Happy Mother’s Day to all those amazing Moms out there, we celebrated ten favorite Moms on TNP and the quotes and tidbits that make them great. Couldn’t we all use some motherly advice to start our weekend out on a good – even responsible – note? This weekend your answer has to be yes…

1. Alicia Silverstone is our kind of Mom. To her, being a great one starts and ends with her diet: “Being a Kind Mama starts with being kind to yourself by getting yourself as healthy as you possibly can.” Disagree? As if.

2. How does jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher always start her day on a good note? “By kissing my children.” Not to get all after school special, but this melted our potato-hearts just a little…

3. An accomplished day for DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht must include what she’s coined a “hug & cuddle” with her kids. There are definitely days where we could use a good ol’ hug & cuddle. Mom? Can we work this into the daily repertoire?

4. When it comes to feeding one’s kids, Jessica Alba says “Think of their food as their medicine…If you just give them processed, fake food or food-like substances, you’re not really giving them anything to hold onto or to really thrive on.” Start those whole foods early? Agreed.

5. Whether you want more or less Kardashian, here’s the advice matriarch Kris Jenner gave to her daughters growing up: “Be passionate. It’s all about passion and work ethic and doing the best job you can do – no matter how small the job.” We’ll try to get a quote from Kanye in time for Father’s Day…

6. Busy Philipps makes lots of yumminess for her daughter Birdie – things like “salmon with brown rice and black beans, or pasta with turkey marinara.” Apparently Birdie also “likes her veggies really simple…mostly steamed artichokes, broccoli or cauliflower.” The takeaway besides Phiipps being a great Mom? Birdie has as refined a palette as us adults.

7. It’s not a quote or a piece of advice, but Rebecca Minkoff’s son Luca is going to be the next guitar star – we saw it with our own eyes at a Bolognese dinner at their DUMBO apartment. With a record player in his room and a mini kids-guitar, he strums John Lennon songs pre-dinner. Luca’s got a Mom moving his big dreams forward! He’s got more natural talent than we ever had, but it still makes us want to say “thanks Mom for the dance lessons post seeing Center Stage, and the fencing lessons post Parent Trap.”

8. Redbook’s Editor-in-Chief Jill Herzig won’t travel without “a little notebook that I try to write a few lines a day in…about my daughters. I’ve been keeping one for almost five years and the girls have such a great time reading about their past craziness.” This is awesome, but maybe we’re happy our own Mom didn’t keep one of these even though we were obviously always potato-angels…

9. Moms that get their kids practicing good skincare from a young age are – in a word (a word inspired by this week’s trip to London) – brilliant. Tracy Anderson does just that: “I make sure that there is an integrity of ingredients on everything that I put on my skin and especially on my daughters.”

10. Of course we saved the best for last. We’re completely biased in saying our own Mom is absolutely, 100% the #1 Mom! I mean, in her interview she said things like, “be comfortable in your own skin,” “don’t be afraid of bread,” and “keep calm on carry on,” so really – can you blame us?



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