7 Mean Girls Questions Finally Answered!

Is butter a carb?

The answer to Regina George’s infamous question is that there are zero carbohydrates in butter. Why would Cady Heron lie to Regina? Regina clearly exacted revenge as it’s been downhill for Lohan ever since…

Can you, in fact, make out with a hot dog?

(Oh, my god, that was one time!) We haven’t tried it, but we do know that even just one time…is too many times.

How rich is the man that actually invented toaster strudel?

Gretchen’s Dad was the inventor of the toaster strudel aka a FETCH power player in the movie. The actual man behind the treat we couldn’t find, but it was The Pillsbury Company in 1994 who created the strudel to compete with the pop tart. It was a sad day for pop tarts, but not as sad as getting a pair of white gold hoops and not being able to wear them…

Is Taco Bell the place to go when you’re on an all carb diet?

I mean, there are like 36 grams of carbs in a steak and egg burrito at Taco Bell. But it was the steak and egg fillings that Regina was banned from having. Suggesting going to Taco Bell on an all carb diet? It’s as offensive as asking someone why they’re white.

What is the South Beach Fat Flush (where all you drink is cranberry juice for 72 hours)?

We’re only finding flushes where you accompany your meals with a cranberry juice/water mixture. Try a juice cleanse.

Do people actually still eat cheese fries?

We don’t really have the answer to this one…we’re actually wondering.

Is it OK to wear sweatpants at the table?

Come on…don’t wear sweatpants to the table. In fact, don’t wear sweatpants in the missionary position, don’t wear them standing up. If you wear sweatpants to the ┬átable you will get chlamydia…and die. Just don’t do it ok?

And if you do wear sweatpants…You can’t sit with us!!!