10 Drinks to End Your Day

So it’s almost the end of the day…(well, sort of) and we figured there’s a bevy of drinks to be had whether they be of the alcoholic or non-alcoholic persuasion (depending how your day went). Here are ten magical treats in liquid form for all the different scenarios you may have faced on this particularly dreary Tuesday…

1. Just work out? Have Camilla Belle’s go-to perfect smoothie of acai, mixed berries, banana, apple, spinach, kale, protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, and flax milk. Or, our essential Almond smoothie for something a little more low maintenance…

2. Had a fight with your co-worker? Try Nate Berkus‘ go-to of Patron silver tequila and fresh lime juice on the rocks. Or a vodka martini, straight up like Piper Perabo.

3. Just found out you have to work late tonight? Head to Starbucks and go for an iced coffee with one splenda and a ‘squirt’ of skim milk like Marie Claire’s Kyle Anderson. Or a Venti Americano like Bryanboy or a Soy Misto like Bethenny Frankel.

4. Just had a long day and want to unwind? Go for two glasses of crisp Sauvignon Blanc (it’s Linda Rodin’s go-to), or a glass of red wine like Tracy Anderson( yes people, she’s a real person too). You can also take a tip from Kris Jenner and have a margarita – here’s a great recipe for one!

5. Having close friends over for dinner? Put out champagne like Padma Lakshmi or make these Yuzu gimlets to really impress…

6. Feeling like you had the most unhealthy day ever? Grab a green juice from a nearby shop like Chrissy Teigen, or take a shot of apple cider vinegar like Jessica Seinfeld to calm your stomach. You could also make Stephanie March’s perfect smoothie of coconut, mango, and banana (we suggest adding either almond milk of coconut water).

7. Feeling nervous for the awkward first date you’re about to have? Have a glass of rosé beforehand to calm those nerves – it’s a favorite of both Michael Symon and Meghan Markle. Just one though people!

8. Feeling like your skin wasn’t as ‘glowy’ today as you’d like? If you have a juicer, make a juice with kale, carrot and lemon. If not, make a smoothie with kale, avocado, and coconut water. These are all ingredients in our ‘10 Foods that make your Glow’ roundup!

9. Have you had a chill all day? Warm up with Karlie Kloss’ almond milk hot chocolate, or make some hot water with lemon like Marta Milans (on top of that, it’s part of the actress’ healthy routine).

10. Happy the day is five minutes closer to being over than it was when you started reading this article? Go to the closest bar and have some Tuesday fun. Or, go home and make these, trust us.

*Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue US, 1995.