Dessert With…

A few weeks back at a chic, charming apartment downtown, we had the pleasure of cooking and eating with InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Ariel Foxman and his fiancé, New York City principal Brandon Cardet-Hernandez. The apartment’s aesthetic no doubt reflects the couple living there; simple and classic with eclectic accents that pleasantly pop up and surprise you.

The two decided to cook something up for us from Balaboosta, the cookbook they’ve been working their way through since getting engaged last fall. Incidentally, Foxman was shopping around for Cardet-Hernandez’s engagement ring the day we photographed him in Paris last September (we like to identify our part in the narrative of couples we love). What did he land on? A Jennifer Fisher custom-made ring that momentarily distracted us from the Kanafeh pastry the two were making.

As we listened to some old school hits (which included ‘Hungry Eyes’ circa Dirty Dancing) we waited for the Kanafeh to finish cooking in the oven and chatted about everything from Balaboosta to Broadway. The finished product was delicious – both sweet and savory – and a perfect balance of sorts. Who knew that a dish could reflect on an almost-newlywed pair?

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*Ariel Foxman and Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, photographed in New York City by Danielle Kosann. Ariel wears a J.Crew shirt and sweater, Acne jeans, Marc Jacobs boots, Hermes watch and Dior glasses. Brandon wears a James Perse t shirt and khakis, Ne-Net cardigan, Nike Air Jordans, and Hermes watch.