10 Ways To Use Your Leftover Easter Eggs

Eggs…there could be a blog entirely based around eggs. Actually, who are we kidding, there probably is. There is. Anyway…today is Good Friday, and we’d like to tell you what to do with your Easter eggs once you’re done with them (that’s what she said…sorry we couldn’t resist). Here are ten things to do with your leftover Easter eggs…

1. Make Susan Feniger’s hangover cure: Kaya Toast with Coconut Jam.

2. Have poached eggs with smoked salmon like Eva Chen and Reece Solomon do every morning.

3. Make Brooke Williamson’s amazing Grilled Banana Bread with Maple Bacon Butter. We promise it will make you the most popular person at the breakfast table.

4. Use it to create Andrew Bevan’s go-to salad of kale, apples, blue cheese, mushrooms, corn, turkey, hard boiled egg, honey mustard dressing and Sriracha.

5. Make Sqirl’s dish of soft scrambled eggs with arugula, turkey sausage and a cheddar biscuit – Busy Philipps loves it! Also try this soft scrambled egg recipe from Elizabeth Falkner.

6. Have two fried eggs and cheese on whole wheat toast and a large iced black coffee. Chris Benz does.

7. An egg sandwich with kale and extra hot sauce? It’s how Piper Perabo starts her day on a good note.

8. Stay healthy with Linda Rodin’s go-to of organic romaine lettuce, mixed with organic avocados and organic hard-boiled eggs.

9. Make egg tacos with corn tortillas, salsa and hot sauce, just like Jessica Alba in her ideal food day! These breakfast tacos are also delicious.

10. Spice up your monday and cook up some scrambled egg whites with shaved white truffles. That’s how Silvano Marchetto does it.

*Photo by Danielle Kosann