Everything But…The Cronut

How often do you have a cronut?

I eat at least a bite of one daily as a taste test.

What made you think of the chocolate chip cookie milk shots?

It always starts from somewhere simple, really. I wanted to create something for fans at SXSW for a late night saloon event we were hosting at a bar. And so a shot glass seemed like a great match.

Last summer it was the cronut. Do you have another creation in the works to explode this summer you can give us any hints about?

I don’t create things to explode, really. I just try my best to bring my take on things to people and hope they enjoy it. I have a lot of those that I have been working on coming out for you in the next few months. Whether they’ll explode or not, who knows? And I for one, don’t really mind either way.

Foods you would wait on a three hour line for…

I’d wait at Sushi Nakazawa for three hours if they had a line. The one place I think I have actually waited three hours in line for was Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each? 

Tokyo stands out for me, and here’s my trick: Go to a different restaurant every night…chances are none of them will ever disappoint. In New York, I like to follow chefs, not restaurants. I could eat the roasted chicken at Andrew Carmellini’s place, Locanda Verde, every night. I love the Japanese tasting menu offered at Neta, and I have spent every special occasion dinner (Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, etc.) at Daniel – seven years in that kitchen and it still feels like home. In Los Angeles, I recently adored Egg Slut for breakfast, MB Post for lunch, Gjelina, Animal, and a good trip to Arcadia for Chinese food. In Paris, my go-to place for authentic, rustic bistro food is L’Assiette.

The salty hybrid you wish a chef would create…

I’d love a charcuterie hot sauce (something that’s a condiment but tastes like smoked meats).

*Dominique Ansel, photographed at Dominique Ansel bakery by Danielle Kosann