Dinner with…

On this somewhat dreary Monday morning, while we feel nostalgic for the weekend sunlight, we really just have one question: Can we go to DUMBO for a home cooked meal tonight? A few Mondays back, we dropped by designer Rebecca Minkoff and producer/director Gavin Bellour’s DUMBO apartment for a little B & B…beats and bolognese.

While the wine was flowing (except for Minkoff, who is five months pregnant and glowing) and the bolognese was simmering, neighbors popped in, and Rebecca and Gavin bantered over the story of how they met – a tale that includes Minkoff skipping a flight just to have coffee with Bellour. The open loft-like space has the same kind of vibe you get from Minkoff herself; light, laid back, effortlessly pretty and fun.

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Who showed up at dinner to surprise us? Rebecca and Gavin’s two-and-a-half-year-old son Luca of course; this is when the party really started. Luca has his own record player, which is no surprise, as Bellour is also a musician (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). As the bolognese continued to simmer, Luca insisted on playing ‘Daddy’s special songs’ aka Gavin’s old records. He proceeded to dance around the room while strumming on his mini guitar imitating the beats of John Lennon (we may have a future star on our hands).

It’s hard to hide the fact that this particular duo may just be one of our favorite young couples ever. As the delicious gluten-free bolognese was served, and Luca played with spaghetti between his two parents, we felt caught in a perpetual picture-perfect moment. Yeah, that’s right, we’re getting a little sentimental, but we all need a little sentiment every now and again – especially when The Beatles are involved…

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*Rebecca Minkoff and Gavin Bellour, photographed in New York City by Danielle Kosann. Rebecca wears a Rebecca Minkoff  jacket, t-shirt and jeans, and a Rebecca Minkoff x Made Her Think necklace.