Tracy Anderson

We thought we’d kick off Thursday with a dance and fitness vibe from workout guru Tracy Anderson. Anderson is no doubt a health and wellness legend. With clients like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie, her Tracy Anderson Method has become the go-to for tastemakers worldwide. We tried a few exercises, but when it came to moves in front of the mirror…well, we left that to Anderson. We got the inside scoop on her go-to snacks, beauty routines, and just where she loves to eat…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

I start my morning off with my wellness shake mixed with fresh made nut milk or organic whole milk and blended with a pitted date. Lunch is normally something on the go from Mulberry & Vine in New York City or Cavaniola’s Cheese Shop near my home in Sag Harbor – both have delicious and fresh selections. For dinner, I like to have a grilled piece of fish with a purple rice and a great salad, and of course a glass of red wine and a real dessert.

Words to yourself upon waking up every morning…

I check in with everything I am grateful for, connect with my children, and think about how I can best serve all of the people that count on me.

In terms of health and diet, how do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

By not wanting to look like or be anyone else. I like to listen to my gut and what I am attracted to. I also don’t ignore education and balance. I am a huge fan of organic foods and of making sure that my lifestyle fits my needs from a health perspective and from an emotionally in touch perspective.

What are your go-to snacks throughout the day? 

Green & Black Chocolate Toffee bars are my favorite and really the only thing I snack on. I am not really a snack gal. I move to fast throughout the day.

Breakfast is most often X and Lunch is most often Y….

Breakfast is my Wellness Shake, always. Lunch is freshly made gluten-free spinach quesadillas.

Three pieces of advice to those looking to change their health habits…

1.  We are emotionally programmed from an early age to love certain foods and the emotional stress of depriving yourself of these foods can be damaging.  So my advice would be to not completely deprive yourself of foods that you know you love. Know your body and understand which foods may cause you sensitivity or chronic inflammation.  Take that information and feed your body right.

2.  You have to move your body. I think you should move it smartly and strategically from a fitness perspective to set yourself up for fun and games, like a game of football in the yard or a good tennis match.

3.  Eat and drink all organic. Period!

Words to eat by…

Eating is life giving. You should love it and your body should know what to do with it!

New workout fads you’re loving…

I am not a fan of the word “fad” in your workouts. Focus is key. I am a fan of tools like the new X Box One’s technology and fitness platform. I created the Transform Series for that console and the technology allows me to train you at home and actually know what you are and aren’t achieving.

New workout fads you’re finding it hard to get on board with…

Indoor Cycling and the misuse of the work “method” without any real backbone.

Most common misconception in terms of weight loss…

That quick-fixes work. You don’t own that weight loss.

The difference between male and female body image…

I feel like it’s starting to become similar. Men want to feel just as balanced, connected, and in proportion as women now. They want to perform well and without injury and look lean in a tailored suit. Women want to feel feminine and sexy, connected and balanced.

What are your morning and nightly live-by beauty regimens? 

I love organic and paraben-free products and my go-to skincare lines are Le Mieux and Original Sprout. I have very sensitive skin, so I make sure that there is an integrity of ingredients on everything that I put on my skin and especially on my daughters.

What are your favorite places to travel to? What won’t you travel without? 

I love the Maldives and any place that has sun and a beach. I do not travel lightly and pack everything that I can wear from a day on the beach to an event and every provision from Benadryl to cases of bottled water. I really can take on any adventure as long as I am prepared. Everyone always makes fun of me but then always wants or needs what I brought.

What’s a good trick to eating out or ordering in while staying healthy? 

I often ask to have no oil put on anything that I order, from meat to veggies. Eliminating the oil added on your order or take out is an easy way to keep things healthier. It isn’t just oil they put things in. It’s filled with sodium and many times low-quality seasonings. I love places that take care in what they create. Then I feel safe to make zero requests!

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each? 

Growing up in Indiana, I have an affinity for barbeque and a delicious burger. In New York, I love Terra, Locanda Verde, Bouley, Mulberry & Vine and in Los Angeles I love Tavern, Blue Plate, Toscana, and Salt Air. In the Hamptons where I live, my favorite spots are Tutto Il Giorno, Navy Beach, and Topping Rose. In Aspen, I love Spring Cafe. In Indiana, I just can’t go without a 96th Street Steakburger. In Chicago, I am obsessed with Giordano’s Pizza and the great soul food there. In Miami, Pubbelly Sushi.

What’s the magic number in terms of how many days/hours a week one should work out? Is there one? 

I recommend four to six times a week, but think that the magic number is really six times per week.

If you could host a dinner party, with any five people living or dead, who would be there? What would you cook? 

Anais Nin, Albert Einstein, Betty Grable, Fred Astaire, and Tina Turner. Probably just wine and great cheese and chocolate!

*Tracy Anderson, photographed in New York City by Danielle Kosann. Tracy wears a Ralph Lauren dress and Chloe shoes.